Expedia Pricing Models - Everything you need to know


Expedia has two pricing models:

Per Day Pricing Model

With this pricing model, room inventory is assigned a cost each day for a base number of occupants.

Though commonly configured for two occupants, the base number can be customized by rate plan. A single guest will always be quoted the rate for the base number of occupants, whereas guests above the base number are charged extra person fees if configured.

Example: Double Room with 2 base occupants

  • Single Guest: quoted a base double rate for each day at the property
  • Four Guests: quoted the base rate plus extra person fees for two of the occupants.

Room rates are based on the number of adults in a booking, while children are charged an extra person fee. Children are only charged an adult guest rate if there are not enough adults to fill the base occupancy for a booking. For example, a booking for one adult and two children in a hotel with per-day pricing and a base occupancy of two will only charge an extra person fee for one child.

For this pricing model, select 'Per-Day Pricing' in the Extra Settings on the channel mapping page.

Occupancy Based Pricing

Although you are seeing Occupancy Based Pricing under the drop-down menu, we currently do not support this model.

If you choose Occupancy Based Pricing on Expedia extranet while requesting the connection with myallocator (Channel Manager by Cloudbeds), Expedia will show an alert that their current pricing model does not work with myallocator.

Note that we will only receive the channel credentials to enable Expedia for you if you choose Per Day Pricing option.

  • Only Per-day pricing is currently supported by myfrontdesk.
  • The pricing model can only be set by your Expedia Market Manager. If you want to make a change to the Expedia pricing model, you must contact your Expedia Market Manager for assistance. Myfrontdesk support team cannot make this change for you.

Please refer to our Expedia Connection Guide to check how to edit/setup Expedia Pricing Model on myfrontdesk Connecting Expedia with myfrontdesk (Step 7 under "Start mapping Expedia in myfrontdesk" section)

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