Cloudbeds Release Notes - August 2019 / Design Enhancement


Cloudbeds has made a massive design enhancement on the side bar that will clear out more workspace in the application. Check out our more details below.

As a reminder, we always asks customers to have the latest browser version. Please be sure your browser version is up to date.

Collapsible Sidebar Menu for the Manage Page

This release will make the sidebar menu of the Manage page foldable and make each of the sections within the expanded sidebar collapsible. 

Users will be able to expand and collapse all sections in the menu. This will greatly reduce the amount of scrolling.

When a user hovers over the collapsed menu they will see the section header’s name (eg, Property Details, Property Configuration, Email Configuration, System Notifications, etc.). If a user clicks on the icon then they can choose the page they want to visit from a dropdown list.

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