Cloudbeds Release Notes - July 2019


Cloudbeds is releasing an update to the myfrontdesk system in July 2019. This update includes improvements to Ingoibibo Pricing/Commissions, new option to setup breakfast on myfrontdesk and also how guests name is imported to our system. Please check all the details below.

Updating Ingoibibo Pricing Handling and Commission

Ingoibibo is one of our largest Indian channels and includes connections to Goibibo, Makemytrip, HotelTravel, and Easytobook. Previously, the reservation pricing breakdowns for this channel have needed an overhaul, so in this release we have done two things:

1- Ingoibibo commission

The Ingoibibo commission broken out of the Sub Total for the reservation was fixed.

2 - Ingoibibo Reservation Subtotals

This release optimized Ingoibibo reservation subtotals to dynamically include or exclude Indian Goods & Services Taxes (GSTs), depending on whether or not the property has already applied an exclusive GST (including CGST, IGST, TGST, SGST) to Ingoibibo under Third Party Sources. This calculation will help ensure that the Balance Due is correctly displayed. 

Although this release dynamically includes or exclude GSTs, if you are connected to Ingoibibo channel, go ahead and double check if your taxes and fees were set up correctly:

  1. Access Taxes and Fees tab
  2. Make sure that your GSTs taxes were added as 'Inclusive' and not as 'Exclusive' under category column
  3. If you need to make changes, go ahead and visit this article to know how to Edit Taxes and Fees

For further information about Rate-Based Taxes, please click here

Click here to check Ingoibibo Connection Guide

Breakfast inclusive / exclusive option for channel distribution

For several channels - including CTrip, HRS, Reconline, TripAdvisor, and - it is important to know whether nightly rates include or exclude breakfast. Previously, this option has not been available on myfrontdesk, which could lead to incorrect rates.

For now on, you can find this setting under General System Settings page where they can select one of the three options: Breakfast Not Available, Breakfast Included in Nightly Rate, Breakfast Excluded from Nightly Rate. 

This setting only affects rates being sent to the following channels CTrip, HRS, Reconline, TripAdvisor, and  - It does not affect rates set in booking engine mybookings or other connected channels

For further information, please check this article: How to add Breakfast Inclusive / Exclusive Option for Channel Distribution Update - Guest Name instead of Booker Name allows reservations to be made by the guest themselves or by another person (e.g. travel agent) on behalf of the guest.

Previously, reservations made on on behalf of another person would display the name of the person making the reservation in myfrontdesk, not the name of the actual guest. This has been updated to show the true guest name and avoid any confusion at time of check-in.

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