Cloudbeds Security Release - July 2019


Cloudbeds is releasing an update to the security system in July 2019. Check out the new features to make Cloudbeds system more secure.

2FA interface was updated

We’ve updated our 2FA interface to have all three options: SMS / Voice Call / Authenticator App. Users will receive the screenshot below only if they are logging in from a new device after they have verified 2FA previously:

Click here to know more about 2 Factor Authentication

The code will be sent automatically through the authentication method which was set up by the user during the 2FA set up. As you can see from the screenshot above, the system will grey out the used method button for 30 seconds. After 30 second time period used authentication method will became active again, so the user can click on it again for another code or select another authentication method if needed. Also, there was a pop up message added in the bottom left corner notifying that the code was sent.


You will notice the same behavior when the system will grey out the used method button for 30 seconds on the credit card viewing managerial override page and on the password reset page as well:

Limited number of recipients in the 'Compose Message' section

Effective immediately, we have limited the number of email recipients within the 'Compose Message' feature to 5 guests, 5 extra recipients, 5 cc and 5 bcc.

If the reservation has more than 5 guests then a user will not be able to send an e-mail to more than 5 addresses at once. In such cases, the user will need to send separate emails.

Export Guest Lists Option

Export Guest Lists is not included in the permission to extract guest details. This permission is located in “Sensitive Data” permission.

By default, this permission is enabled for all existing property owners and disabled for all other property users. In order to give this permission, the property owner will have to go into the user role and enable the permission.

Check out this article to know more about Users Roles.

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