Screen Readers - Alt Text and how to use it


Alt text is used to describe the appearance and function of an image on a page. Unlike caption, alt text is typically not visible but it is read by a screen reader (a device that reads website content and helps people with visual impairments understand what is happening on a webpage). There are many online resources to help you write great alt text.

Where to add Alt Text?

Now you can add customized alt text to the uploaded images. The alt text can be added to:

  • Property Profile
  • Accommodation Types
  • Individual Accommodations
  • Rate Plans & Packages

Please check an example below:

Here's the example on how you can add alt text to Accommodation Types. Follow the same process for all photo uploaders that put pictures on your booking engine.

Accommodation Types Tab

  1. Click to edit the existing photo
  2. Add the Alt Text

    This Alt Text will be displayed on your booking engine and will be read by a screen reader.
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