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How to solve Channel's error messages


If you logged in to your myfrontdesk account and noticed a global notification alerting you of channel errors, this article will show you how to manage these alerts.

  1. You can either click on Channels Page link (1) or access the gear icon -> click on 'Channels' tab (2) under Channel Distribution section

2.   On Channels page, click to view details.

3.   An Error Details flyout will appear from the right side of the page. Channels Names + error descriptions will be displayed as shown below.

Read the error messages attentively in order to solve them. Sometimes it is necessary to contact the channel extranet. Please check the next section of this article to see the most common error messages and how to solve them.

If you are not able to solve or do not know how to proceed, please contact Cloudbeds support team at

Once you finish and solve Channel's error(s), click on full refresh button on the top right of the page to send updated to the channels.

  • Myfrontdesk will check for channel errors every one minute. If the notification is closed and the error(s) is not resolved, it will reappear in 8 hours
  • If a new error(s) presents itself before the 8 hours elapse, the global notification will appear with the new channel error
How to restrict users from accessing channels page?

If you do not want specific users accessing channel's page to fix channel's errors, follow the steps below:

  1. Access Roles tab under User Management section and click to edit the specific role that you want to hide this option
  2. Under Hotel Setup section, disable the option 'Distribution'

The global notification banner will be hidden for those users

The most Common Channels' Error Messages and How to Solve Them


Rates could not be updated: Some or all rates are above the maximum room rate set by the channel

Refer to this article to learn more about this Channel Error.

Refer to this article from our Knowledge Base to check the most common Error Messages.


Refer to this article from our Knowledge Base to check the most common Expedia Error Messages.


For detailed information please check out this article: Hostelworld Errors during and after connection

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