Cloudbeds Release Notes - May 2019


Cloudbeds is releasing an update to the myfrontdesk system in May 2019. This update includes improvements to the reservation cancellation process and a new informational field will be added to the reservations page.

Reservation Cancellations via API

Before Release

Until now, myfrontdesk has not been able to support the direct cancellation of channel bookings via API. What this has meant is that for all bookings sent from myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds) - if a user wished to cancel a booking, they would go to that particular channel's extranet to cancel the booking.

After Release

From now on, a user can cancel the booking from Hostelworld/Hostelbookers, Tripadvisor Instant Booking, and Coliving. directly in Myfrontdesk and the cancellation will be sent to the channel directly, without the user ever having to visit that channel’s extranet.

Please note:

  • Currently, only a few channels support this feature: Hostelworld/Hostelbookers, Tripadvisor, and Coliving.
  • This feature will not work for reservations added manually even though they have the channel source or channel's reservation ID on myfrontdesk.
  • It's not applicable for 'no-shows' or modifications (dates, customer name, etc)
  • If you set the reservation status back to Confirmed, it will not restore the reservation at channel's extranet

For all other channels, the process remains the same - Please visit this article for further information: Cancelling/Modifying Reservation Made on OTA

When canceling the reservation, a pop-up message will be displayed, to make clear what action the user should take depending on the channel in question.

Cancellation messaging for channels that support cancellations via myfrontdesk

Cancellation messaging for channels that DO NOT support cancellations via myfrontdesk

Origin field added to channel bookings

A new informational field called ‘Origin’ will be added to reservations.

The purpose of this field is to display the Original Booking Source used by the guest to make the reservation. The most common values this will take will be a website (OTA) or a Travel Agency name.

Please check the following scenarios:

Scenario 1:
Expedia is a brand that owns many subsidiary booking websites such as Orbitz, Travelocity, and, among many others. When a booking is made on one of those subsidiary sites, it is sent through the Expedia API and appears as booking with a Source equal to ‘Expedia’ despite having originated from Orbitz, Travelocity,, etc. This new field will now show that original booking source so that the front desk staff can reference this information. Check out the example below.

Scenario 2:

Another common use case will be for this field to show Travel Agency information. For instance, WebsiteTravel is a new channel implemented by myallocator. This channel does not allow guests to book directly through their website but rather functions as a place for travel agents to book on behalf of the guest. WebsiteTravel then sends to myallocator information about the Travel Agency that booked the reservation (Agent name, Agency name, phone number) - The new field will display this information as shown above.

Please note:

  • Note that reservations will not always display this field. It will only appear if it has been sent by the channel, and then in turn sent to myfrontdesk by myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds)
  • At the moment, there are no reports that show the Origin field
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