Groups - Reviewing Pickup of the Allotment Blocks


On the "Pickup" tab you can see what inventory has been allocated and how many rooms have been picked up so far. You can also check the rates set for the dates in the allotment block and release the inventory which wasn't booked.

Accessing Pickup tab

1. Open Groups and select the group profile

2. Click "Pickup" tab

Accessing the Calendar

You are also able to see the definite Allotment Block pickup numbers on the Calendar for corresponding days. Numbers are combined from all definite Allotment Blocks that belong to Open Group Profiles on the corresponding days.


  • total  capacity is 10 rooms
  • Allotment Block allotment = 5 rooms
  • 1 reservation booked and does not belong to Allotment Block or Group Profile
  • 2 reservations booked within Allotment Block

Result: The circle on the calendar above unassigned rooms circle will show 2/5 (assuming that it's the only Allotment Block on that day).

The numbers in this circle will be dynamically updated in the same situations that cause these numbers to change in Pickup tab.

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