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Groups - Guest access to Allotment Blocks availability in the booking engine


Generate a unique URL for each Allotment Block to allow guests to book the allocated rooms directly from the booking engine! You can share the generated URL with a group of guests, travel agent or a wholesaler and start receiving reservations which will be automatically booked within the Group Profile / Allotment Block.

In order to create an allotment block URL, first you need to:

  1. Create a group profile
  2. Create a definite allotment block for group profile
Generating URLs
  • This function appears only on Definite Allotment Blocks - The tentative Allotment Blocks will not have this option
  • This option does not support rate plans that have set a promo code. No availability will be displayed in the booking engine when using the generated URL for such cases
  1. Open Groups tab
  2. Click on the desired Group Profile
  1. Click on Allotment Block
  2. Next to allotment block, click on the gear icon
  3. Select Booking URL
  1. Select the date range (optional)
  2. Click Generate URL
  1. Copy the code and share with your guests/agency

URL without dates will take a guest to the booking page with the Allotment Block availability displayed for default dates (today).

URL with dates will take a customer to the booking page with the Allotment Block availability displayed for the specified dates.

Field for Group Code on Booking Engine

The Booking Engine has a field for entering Allotment Block ID called Group Code, so guests can booking group reservations just by entering the code, without having to copy-paste the whole URL created at the step above.

  1. Click on Groups and open the corresponding Group Profile
  2. Click on Allotment Blocks tab and find the corresponding Allotment Block code
  3. Share the code with your guests/agency
  4. The guests/agency will be able to apply the Allotment Block code on the Booking Engine when creating the reservation (via the group code field)
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