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Once you've created a Group Profile you can link your existing reservations to the group or quickly import them on the "Manual Quick Import" page. If your group has Allotment Blocks you will also be able to select an Allotment Block when creating a new reservation, thus adding the booking to that block.

You can easily check, edit or unlink the reservations which belong to the Group under the "Reservations" tab on the Group page.

Adding and Linking Reservations

Please note that you can set up automatic routing of specific transactions from the reservation to the group folio when linking the reservations.

To route the specific transactions to the group folio:

1) Go to Group Profile > click on the gear icon > edit

2) Next to "Route to Group Folio" select YES

3) In "Transaction Types" select the transactions you would like to be routed automatically

Linking Existing Reservation to a Group

1. Click on the Groups tab and open the desired Group profile.

2. Open "Reservations" tab.

3. Click "+Add Reservation" then "Link Existing Reservation."

4. (Optional) Select Allotment Block to add the reservation to.

5. Start typing the reservation number or guest name and select the reservation from the drop-down.

6. The reservation will be added to the list. You can add as many reservations as needed.

Click "Add Reservations" when done.

Please note that if you select a specific Allotment Block to assign the reservation to, there should be availability in the allotment block for the corresponding dates and the accommodation type, otherwise you will receive an error:

7. The reservation will appear in the list under the "Reservations" tab and the numbers in the Group Profile header will recalculate.

To unlink a reservation, click the gear icon > Unlink Reservation.

Creating New Reservation in a Group

Please note that when an Allotment Block has the ''Tentative” status, no rooms will be allocated from the general inventory. To book reservations from the block, the status needs to be updated to "Definite".

1. Click on the Groups tab and open the desired Group profile.

2. Open "Reservations" tab.

3. Click "+Add Reservation" then "Create and Add New Reservation."

4. You will be redirected to "New Reservation" page where you may select "Allotment Block" to add the reservation to:

- This new field (selection of Allotment Block) will also be available on the Reservations page when accessed from outside of Groups, as long as you have your Groups module enabled.  

- Make sure to select proper Check-In and Check-Out dates in order for the Allotment Block to show in the dropdown and for the correct availability to be displayed on the page after clicking "Search."

- When creating a new reservation within a Group Profile (not linking an existing one) you will be required to select an Allotment Block, which will define the availability displayed after clicking "Search."

Proceed with creating the reservation by following the usual process:

Once the reservation is created it will be automatically added to the Group profile (and the selected Allotment Block). You may find it under the "Reservations" tab:

On the calendar, for the reservations that are booked within a Group Profile or an Allotment Block, the system will display the "+" sign next to the names and "3 people" icon next to the reservation name when you click on it to open up details group profile name next to the icon. On this pop-up, you have

  • A link to "View Group Profile"
  • A link to "View Allotment Block" (if a reservation is also in an Allotment Block)
Importing Reservations to a Group

1. On the Reservations page click "Reservation Import Options"

2. Select Group Profile from the drop-down

3. Select Allotment Block of the Group Profile (optional)

4. Click "+Add Reservation" and fill out the reservation details

5. Click SAVE

6. The imported reservations will appear in the Group Profile under the "Reservations" tab:

Editing Reservations in a Group

Bulk Actions with Reservations in a Group

Currently, the following bulk actions to the reservations in Groups are available:

  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Add payment*
  • Delete reservations

*"Add Payment" action will add the payment transaction to the reservations and will automatically route it to the group folio if routing is set up for that transaction type.

Please note that "Delete reservations" does NOT mean unlinking them from the group. This action will delete the reservations from myfrontdesk, and this action cannot be undone.

To unlink a reservation from a Group see instructions in section "Unlinking Reservation from a Group" below.

1. Click on the Groups tab and open the desired Group profile.

2. Open "Reservations" tab.

3. Select the reservations to perform the bulk action on.

4. Click "Bulk Action" and select the action:

5. Confirm the action in a new window:

Unlinking Reservation from a Group

To unlink a reservation:

1. In Group Profile open the Reservations tab.

2. Next to the desired reservation click the gear icon > Unlink Reservation.

Unlinking a reservation from a Group is not possible when there are posted transactions that have been routed to the Group Folio.

If pending routed transactions exist (and no posted routed) then unlinking that reservation will also remove all routing from that Group.

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