Groups - Adding Notes to Group Profile, Allotment Block, Reservations or Guests

Add a note to group profiles to track important information, contact details, policies, etc.

On Notes tab you can review, add and print notes submitted to

  • guests in the group
  • reservations in the group
  • allotment blocks in the group profile
  • group profile itself

1. In Groups click on the group name

2. Then open "Notes" tab

3. Type the note

4. Click "Submit Note" and select to which section the note should be submitted:

  • All Guests
  • All Reservations
  • Group Profile
  • All Allotment Blocks

5. You can review the notes in the tabs below

6. Here you can edit or archive the note

7. You can also print the note by clicking the print icon

8. Archived notes will appear when clicking "Archived Notes" tab

The note can be restored by clicking on the gear icon

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