Groups - Adding a Credit Card to a Group Profile

Under the "Credit Card" tab you can add the credit card and then select this card as a payment method when adding a charge or refund to the group folio.

If you have Payment Processing enabled you can add the credit card and process authorization, charge or refund under "Credit Card" tab, and the transactions will be then displayed in the group folio. 

If you link the reservations with credit cards to the group profile, the credit cards will NOT be imported to the "Credit Cards" tab under the group profile.

If you need to charge the card already added to one of the linked reservations you will have to add the credit card to the "Credit Cards" tab under the group profile again and then charge it.

Add Credit Card to Group Profile

  1. Access 'Groups' and open the group profile.
  1. In the group profile open the 'Credit Cards' tab
  2. Click '+Add Card'
  1. Enter the credit card's details.
  2. Click on 'SAVE'
  1. The credit card is now added to the group profile

How long is the credit card stored in a Group?

The credit card information will permanently be stored in the system. You can use this information to charge frequent groups in case they are often returning to your property.

For regular reservations, check the following article for further information on How long is credit card data stored?

Actions with Credit Card in Group Profile

Adding Payment as a Record

Once the credit card is added you will be able to select it as a payment method when adding a payment or refund on the Group Profile folio as a record (without charging the card):

  1. Go to the group folios
  2. Click 'Add/Refund Payment'
  3. Click 'Add Payment'
  1. Select the credit card you added under 'Payment Method' field
  2. Click on 'Record previous payment (Don't charge)'
  3. Post with current date and time - When this box is checked the current date and time will be posted for the transaction when you click "Continue" button. You can uncheck if you are adding a transaction for the past.
  4. Click 'Continue'

You can allocate the payment to specific revenue item if you have this functionality enabled.

Learn more about payment allocation in our Knowledge Base: Payment Allocation

Credit Card Authorization, Charge and Refund

The actions below require Payment Processing feature.

1. From the "Credit Card" tab

If you have Payment Processing enabled, you can authorize the credit card and then process charges or refunds from the "Credit Card" tab.

First, you need to authorize the credit card:

Then you will see 3 options: authorize again, capture (charge) and void (release an authorized amount).

If you have several folios (Split Folio functionality should be enabled), you will be able to select to which folio you want to add the charge.

The charge will be displayed on the "Folios" tab on the group profile page:

2. From "Folio" tab

You can also charge the added credit card directly from the group folio when adding a payment or refund.

  1. Open group, then click on 'Folios'
  2. Click 'Add Payment' (or "Refund Payment" if you want to process a refund to the previously charged credit card)
  1. Enter the amount
  2. Select the card added previously to the 'Credit Card' tab as a payment type
  3. Select 'Charge' under 'Collect Payment' field
  4. Click 'Continue'
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