How to connect HotelTonight to Cloudbeds PMS

HotelTonight is the hotel-friendly alternative to legacy OTAs. They have long been known as the best place for guests to make last minute reservations (however, note that HotelTonight is expanding beyond just last minute reservations!). With 33+  million app downloads, HotelTonight brings you incremental production to elevate your existing revenue strategy. Send all rates and room types to HotelTonight automatically and receive reservation notifications in your channel manager.

How to Connect HotelTonight to Cloudbeds PMS

Step 1 - Getting Started
If you don’t have an account on HotelTonight

In Cloudbeds PMS,

  1. Go to Channels
  2. Search for HotelTonight and click on Not Setup
  1. Click on Create New Account
  2. Complete the configuration and proceed to Step 2.

Go ahead and proceed with Step 2.

Step 2 - Select/Enable myallocator as Channel Manager on HotelTonight
  1. Reach out to your HotelTonight Market Manager or send an email to and request to enable myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds) as your channel manager.
  2. Once setup has been completed by HotelTonight, their team will reach out to Cloudbeds' support team to enable the connection.
  3. You will receive an email when this has been completed and the channel is ready for mapping.

You can find your Market Manager's email on your HotelTonight extranet.

Step 3 - Start mapping HotelTonight in Cloudbeds PMS

In Cloudbeds PMS Settings (gear icon) page,

  1. Go to Channels under Channel Distribution
  2. If you have correctly completed the steps above, HotelTonight will be displayed on your channels list as Ready for mapping. Click on this button to proceed.

Make sure to have 3+ images uploaded on the HotelTonight extranet, otherwise, rates and availability will not be updated on HotelTonight. Verify images before finishing setup.

Photo upload must be done on the HotelTonight side and cannot be done in our system.

  1. Click to Enable Channel
  1. Login with your HotelTonight credentials
  1. Map the room types created in Cloudbeds with their corresponding rooms in HotelTonight. A drop-down menu will display all the existing rooms in the channel's extranet.

Do not map multiple rooms to one single room in Cloudbeds PMS or channel. The room mapping must be one-to-one.

For detailed information about the mapping process please check this article: Distribution Channel Mapping Guidelines

  1. Rate Plan Mapping: Use this page to configure the rate plan(s) you want to sync between this system and HotelTonight. You must map at least one rate plan per Channel Accommodation Type to ensure proper rate sync.

You can create multiple rate plans for each room type and have those sync to HotelTonight. Click here to check further information.

  1. Add Base Rate Adjustment for each room type, if needed. Click Next when completed or if you want to skip this step.

HotelTonight Extra Settings:

  1. Advanced Booking Setting: choose the Maximum Days in Advance to allow bookings
  2. Tax Setting: Select if your base rates include taxes/VAT.
  • Maximum Days in Advance to Allow Bookings

    This setting controls how far in advance you allow guests to book at your property. For example, if you set this value to 2 DAYS PRIOR TO DATE, guests can make a booking on HotelTonight up to 2 days before check-in date. If you select SAME DAY, the property is only bookable on HotelTonight the day of check-in. The setting will be applied to all your listings on HotelTonight.
    If you prefer a time frame less than the same day, for example by 19:00 (7 PM) on the day of check-in, contact a HotelTonight representative.
  • Tax/VAT Inclusive or Exclusive
    If the rates you are sending from our system to HotelTonight include Taxes/VAT, select INCLUDED from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, select 'NOT INCLUDED'.

Incorrect selection may lead to issues in sending rates and availability to the channel. 

You have completed channel setup. Click to Finish.

Frequently Asked Questions
Which features does this channel support?

HotelTonight supports:

  • Minimum length of stay
  • Close days for arrival
  • Credit Card Data

HotelTonight does not support:

  • Maximum length of stay
  • Close days for departure
  • Closing rate plan for bookings
How to update what room type is available to sell?

If you wish to remove certain room types that are showing on HotelTonight, contact your account manager directly. This should be done first before you update the room mapping in Cloudbeds PMS.

Unmapping in Cloudbeds PMS before HotelTonight has updated their room list could result in a possible overbooking due to the fact they are still showing room listing active on their public site.

Channel Offline Error

The following error will appear if your property has not been activated by HotelTonight. To resolve it, contact your HotelTonight Account Manager to enable and then try again.

How to contact HotelTonight?

Use the following emails to contact HotelTonight if you have any questions about your account or the onboarding process.

Region Contact details
Northern California/Pacific Northwest
Southern California, Nevada, Hawaii
New York/New Jersey
Additional answers to common questions FAQ
24/7 Support*
*For any urgent requests after-hours, weekends, etc.
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