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To troubleshoot the issue, the user needs to identify where it comes from: Cloudbeds or app/partner. Most of the apps listed on the Marketplace are build to us integrations, which means that in order to identify and resolve an issue with them you need to contact that app's support team first. 

For detailed information please check the guide below:

Please note that any questions about creating an account on a third-party app should be sent to that app's support team.

The troubleshooting workflow may depend on the connection type (whether the integration is developed by Cloudbeds or by a partner).

To check this go to

  1. Marketplace
  2. Search for the app
  3. Click on "Learn more"
  4. Check the "Developed by" field:
1. Cloudbeds Add-Ons (ex., PIE)

Integrations like PIE are Cloudbeds add-ons, developed and supported by Cloudbeds.

Any issues with these systems should be checked by the Cloudbeds Support team: in case you're facing the problem with PIE, please submit a ticket to

Useful links: 

2. Payment Processing and Payment Gateways

"Payment processing" is a functionality provided by Cloudbeds, which allows you to connect supported payment gateways to your myfrontdesk account.

Issues with the "Payment Options" page and payment processing functionality inside myfrontdesk (ex. adding, charging, refunding buttons are not working properly; charge/refund amounts incorrectly displayed in folio or invoice) should be investigated by the myfrontdesk team (submit a ticket to Cloudbeds support team).  

Useful Links:

If you receive an error during payment processing, it can also be related to your payment gateway settings (for example, your payment gateway is set to test mode) or settings in your OTA (for example, you do not require to collect CVV when the guest adds the card which is required by your gateway). Please, contact Cloudbeds or your gateway support to research the error you're facing and identify its reason.

3. Integrations with third-parties built by Cloudbeds (ex. Zapier, Google Analytics, CZ Gov Integration)

The integrations to Zapier, Lightspeed, Czech Gov Invoicing, for example, were built by Cloudbeds, which means that the issues that occur during integration or while using the app may be on the Cloudbeds side as well as on the partner's side.

In case you face an issue with these integrations we recommend contacting the partner's support first to speed up the investigation.

4. Integrations with third-parties built by Partners (ex. Hoperator, Hostellers, Hello Here)

Most of the apps listed on the Marketplace are built by technology partners, meaning that another company has developed an integration to Cloudbeds.

For any technical issues with these integrations, please contact the app's support team (unless the problem is related to the myfrontdesk interface, ex. item added through app is not printed on folio or not included to the invoice).

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