USB Card Reader - Everything You Need to Know

By using a USB Card Reader, you will be able to swipe a card when adding the credit card details to a reservation or House Account, so you do not need to manually type all the details. The credit card reader simply pulls data from the magnetic stripe and inputs into Cloudbeds PMS like a keyboard  following a defined pattern.

Things to Know about USB Card Reader

  • You must have a USB Card Reader to use this feature.
    Deftun MSR90 USB
  • This feature is currently in Beta stage. Please let us know if it does not work as expected and if you have any suggestions for improvements
  • This feature should not be considered as an in-person transaction. It will simply facilitate the process of entering the credit card details to a reservation. The charge will still be processed by your payment gateway, so this is still considered an electronic (e-commerce) transaction
  • This feature is not available on your booking engine
  • The card reader works based on the keyboard language settings - if the card reader and keyboard are tuned differently, they will not work properly

If you have any questions/problems, please contact our integrations team at

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