Cloudbeds Release Notes - February 2019


Cloudbeds is releasing an update to the myfrontdesk system in February 2019. This update includes improvements to reports and we have added a new language on mybookings.

In-house Report Improvements: Account Balances

Cloudbeds has added two more columns to the In-house Report to help users see account balances.

Before the Release: the report only cited the Remaining Balance Due but we have gotten feedback that more context would make this information more understandable and more useful.

After the Release: the report now has two additional columns: users will now see the Grand Total, the Amount Paid, and Remaining Balance Due.

Transaction Report Improvements: Transaction Codes

Before the Release: a user would only find the transaction code (abbreviated TRN CODE) in the transaction report when the charge or payment was added to a folio manually.

After the Release: the transaction code appears in automated transactions too such as for room rates, applied taxes, fees and payments.

Arabic is Now a Language Option in Mybookings!

Guests who find your property can now choose Arabic among Mybookings’ 27 supported languages.

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