Invoices Report


Cloudbeds has created a report that brings all of a property’s invoice into one place. Here you can search and filter out the invoices, open them in new window and download if needed. You can also email the invoice to the primary guest from this page

Accessing the report

To access this report

  1. In myfrontdesk click on 'Reports'
  2. Go to 'Financial Reports'
  3. Select 'Invoices Report'
Generating Report

1. You can generate the list of invoices by filtering them out. The invoices can be filtered by the following criteria:

  • Check in date of reservation
  • Check out date of reservation
  • Date booked of reservation
  • Reservation status
  • Date invoice was created
  • To help with loading speeds on the Invoice Report, the report has a default selection of the latest three months. When a user filters the report by Date Created they it's not possible to select more than 3 months.
  • You can also perform a search for a specific invoice or reservation using the search bars. Simply type the Invoice Number or Reservation Number in to the appropriate field. If the user selects an invoice from the picklist, it will open the reservation associated with that reservation in a new tab.
    Likewise, if you search for a reservation number and select one then you would be redirected to that reservation in a new tab.

2. Click APPLY to generate a report

3. The list of invoices will be displayed in a table. You will find the following columns in the Invoice Report:

  • Invoice Created (Date)
  • Invoice Number
  • Date Booked
  • Check-in Date
  • Check-out Date
  • Reservation Number
  • Guest Name
  • **Folio
  • Reservation Status
  • Actions

** The column for Folio will only be enabled if a property has split folio enabled. If enabled, the folio(s) for the listed invoice will be listed.

4. To open an invoice, click gear icon under Actions column and select "Open Invoice". This will open an invoice in new tab where you can download it

5. To email an invoice click gear icon, then "Email Invoice"

The email will be sent out to the primary guest of the reservation

6. You may email the report generated by clicking 'Email' or export report to pdf/excel document by clicking 'Export to'

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