Cloudbeds Release Notes -January 2019


Cloudbeds is releasing an update to the myfrontdesk system in January 2019. This update includes improvements to invoicing, permissions, email notifications, and others.

Option to Show Tax Specifics on an Invoice

This release has added a new setting on the Invoicing page to show a pricing breakdown of a reservation's taxes. If enabled and the property has multiple taxes, a breakdown of the total of each tax will appear on the invoice.

This new feature is recommended for:

  • Users who have multiple taxes (example: charging both city tax and state tax)
  • Properties in India using the Rate-based Tax rules.

    In both cases, the invoice will show the total of each tax or tax tier.

For more detailed information, please refer to this article: Taxes & Fees - Everything you need to know

Permission to access Reservation Import Page

We have added a permission to access the Reservation Import Options page. The reservation import options page is accessible from the main reservations page. It is notable for being able to set the nightly rate to whatever you wish. For this reason, property owners and managers should grant permission with discretion.

Click here for more information about Reservation Import.

Learn more about Users and Roles and how to disable/enable permissions on our knowledge base article: Users and Roles

New Email Notifications

Cloudbeds will send out a notification by email when a user has modifications to reservations with unmapped rooms advising them in how to resolve issues.

This is how the email looks:

Added Search field to House Account Filter

If you’re getting lost with all the house accounts, this new search feature will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for. Simply type in the name of the folio you’re looking for and click the “Apply” button.

Added Search field on Dashboard Arrival List

Easily search through a long list of guest names directly from the dashboard to make check-in and check-out a breeze! You can search by guest name

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