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How to Connect Citybreak to myfrontdesk


Citybreak platform enables properties to sell, combine, and distribute tourism products sourced from 100+ external inventory platforms. Current Citybreak users are growing their businesses with ready-to-start-packaging inventory ranging from Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Ferry Tickets and Train Tickets to Ski Passes, Ski Rental products, and Tours & Activities.

Things you should know before you get started:

  • Please check the FAQ section of this article before connecting to this channel

How to connect Citybreak to myfrontdesk

Step 1 - Getting Started

If you do not have an account at Citybreak:
Reach out to Citybreak Organizer to sign-up and ask for an API user login once the account is created.

They will inform your Citybreak API login and password, proceed with Step 2.

If you do have an account at Citybreak:

Go ahead and proceed with Step 2.

Step 2. Start mapping Citybreak in myfrontdesk
  1. Login to your myfrontdesk account and go to Manage > Channels
  2. Search for Citybreak and click on the red button 'Not Setup, Click to Setup'

Click on Enable Channel, if requested, and proceed:

  1. Enter your Citybreak Login and Password provided by Citybreak team - Then click Next
  1. Map the corresponding room between Cloudbeds and Citybreak.

For detailed information about the mapping process please check this article: Distribution Channel Mapping Guidelines

It's important to have the Citybreak back office set up according to certain rules:

Rate Management


  • Citybreak Products are the equivalent of a room type ('Single Room', 'Bed in Dorm')
  • Citybreak Price Agreements (Prisavtal) are the equivalent to rate-plans
  • Citybreak Subproducts are extra services (such as 'breakfast') and are not mapped to myallocator

Creating a new Price Agreement - When creating a new Price Agreement for the first time, in the General Parameters you should select 'No' to 'Use Default Price Groups'. In Price Groups, you should only create one 'adult' group.

Price Periods - Citybreak will allow you to have many 'Periods' in each Price Agreement. These store the prices and cover a period during which these prices are valid. In order to allow mapping to myallocator, there can only be one period per Price Agreement. As such, please set this to cover a date range that is never likely to expire - for example, 2014/01/01 - 2099/01/01

Products - Citybreak will allow you to add the same product to a Price Agreement multiple times - either individually or as part of a group of products. In order to allow mapping to myallocator a product can only appear once in each Price Agreement. Multiple entries will cause updates to fail.

It is possible for a sub product to exist multiple times, but these will not be mapped/updated in myallocator.

Price Structure - Citybreak allows many different price structures. When setting the parameters for a product, make sure the default pricing is set to 'Price per unit' and the Time unit is set to 'Price per night'. Selecting a different price or time unit will cause updating to fail.


Setting Availability - When setting the availability for your products, please create an availability period of at least 2 years - for example 2014/01/01 - 2016/01/02.

PMS Synchronisation setting must be disabled for each product.

You can find this in the 'Products' section of the back office under 'PMS Settings'. This must be set to 'No' otherwise updates to the back office will not save correctly.

  1. Rate Plan Mapping: Use this page to configure the rate plan(s) you want to sync between this system and CityBreak. You must map at least one rate plan per Channel Accommodation Type to ensure proper rate sync.

You can create multiple rate plans for each room type and have those sync to CityBreak. Click here to check further information.

  1. Add Base Rate Adjustment for each room type if needed. Click NEXT when completed or if you want to skip.
  1. Click to send a full refresh to update all your rates and availability to the channel's extranet

Frequently Asked Questions

Which features does this channel support?

Citybreak supports:

  • Automatic adjustments
  • Automatic adjustments for cancellations
  • Minimum length of stay

Citybreak does not support:

  • Maximum length of stay
  • Close days for departure
  • Close days for arrival
How to receive support from Citybreak?

In case you need support, you have to address your questions to the company that has bought your system (the DMO (Destination Management Company)/DMC (Destination marketing organization)). Citybreak does not provide support to hotels.

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