Groups - Creating a Group Profile - Group Profile Overview

Group Profile is the master profile under which a certain group of reservations is created or added. This could be a company, a wedding party or a travel agent.

When created, the Group Profile page has several tabs from which you can manage the group activity:

  • Reservations
  • Allotment Blocks
  • Folios
  • Group Profile
  • Pickup
  • Credit Cards
  • Notes

This article shows how to create/edit a group profile and provides an overview of its tabs.

Creating a Group Profile

1. Open 'Groups' page

2. Click '+ Create Group Profile'

3. Give a name to the group.

4. Put a status ("Open" by default; can be set to "Closed" on the group page). This status is for informative purposes, to help the user filter out active and inactive groups.

5. Select group profile type (for informative purpose, this setting doesn't affect functionality). 

  • Group - a one-time event, like a party or a wedding.
  • Company - for a corporate type of business, which books the rooms for its employees.
  • Travel agent - tour operator, which books your property for their clients.
  • Wholesaler - like OTAs, whom you pay commission for bringing the clients.

6. Route to group folio: each group profile has its master group folio.

  • If you select "Yes" -  the transactions from individual reservations that belong to that Group are going to be automatically transferred to the master group folio and will affect the group balance due. The transactions will still appear on the reservations but will not affect the individual reservation's balance due.
  • If you select "No" - the transactions from individual reservations that belong to that Group, will not be automatically transferred to the master group folio.

7. If you selected "Yes" in the previous step - you will need to select "Transaction Types" (which transaction types from reservations in the group should be automatically routed to this master group folio).

8. Select Folio Configuration for the group profile folio (if you have split-folio functionality enabled).*

9. Select Source (for tracking purposes).

10. Enter the address for the group (not required).

11. Add notes if needed (can be done any time later).

12. Click SAVE.

*Please note that if you select "Folio Configuration", and later change it on "Manage Folio" page, the changes will not be applied to the folio in the group.

The group profile will appear in the table on the "Groups" page. In the table you can check the following information about the group:

  • Group code (always starts with "g")
  • Group name
  • Group type (can be several)
  • Earliest check-in (the earliest check-in date of reservations added to the group)
  • Latest check-out (the latest check-out date of reservations added to the group)
  • Status (open or closed)
  • Gear icon: edit or remove the group profile
Overview of Group Profile functionality

Once the group account is created, you can find the existing group profile by code or name via global search (1), or you can click on the group profile name to open the group profile page (2).

Please note that when you start typing via Global Search, please select the specific item from the drop-down by using the mouse or navigate using the keyboard to choose the desired item.

On the group profile page you can:

  1. Check Group Profile header with the information about group type, the number of reservations linked, etc.
  2. Check group Balance Due.

Check this article to see how the numbers are calculated for the group profile: Groups - Group Profile Formulas

3. Open/Close the group account

4. Under Actions menu you can: generate/email invoices, email/print folio and Compose Messages

5. Access group profile tabs (click on the tab below to learn more about it):

Editing Group Profile and Creating a Contact for Group Profile

You can review group the profile details and/or add group profile contacts. To do that:

1. Go to Groups and open the Group Profile.

2. Open Group Profile tab.

3. You can review the existing group profile information.

4. Here you can also edit group profile details by clicking the pencil icon.

5. You can add contacts to group profile by clicking "+Add Contact".

  • Multiple contacts are allowed
  • The same contact can be used across multiple group profiles
Removing a Group Profile

To remove a group profile follow these steps:

1. Go to Groups.

2. Next to group click gear icon > Remove Profile.

This action cannot be reverted. All the data will be deleted.

You can restore the profile partially using the entries in Activity Log but the process is manual

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