Cloudbeds Release Notes - PIE 1.3 - November 2018


This is part of the ongoing product enhancement. The main purpose is to fix most critical bugs and logical issues as well as implement a few highly-requested features.

Rules & Alerts

List of rules: clicking on + now displays all details about the rule

On the 'Rules and Alerts' page where the list of rules is displayed - clicking on “+” now shows more details that include all parameters configured in the rule. This allows to review the rule’s details faster without clicking 'Edit Rule'

Implemented Min/Max price per room type

As an enhancement to previously implemented Minimum/Maximum pricing parameters that limit the system’s pricing recommendations (or changes) by the floor and the ceiling specified by the user (Price Limits), we’ve implemented Minimum/Maximum settings by room type. When price limits are set, the algorithm will take them into account when suggesting (or updating) rates and will not go outside those min/max values.

Values are empty by default. To set/change them

1) Go to Rules and Alerts page, under 'Price Limits' section click 'Edit'.

2) On the 'Edit Price Limits' page enter your overall Min/Max price limits.

3) Then enter room type based price limits. Save the changes.

Prices limits by accommodation type can’t be outside of the overall min/max parameters.

Compset and Rate Shopper

Rate Shopping by Room Type

Previously, we were displaying only “peak” values for the compset rates (i.e. only the highest or only the lowest, among all room types listed for that compset property on an OTA website).

We have added an option for the user to select, which specific room types they would like to see for this property and which room type of their own property they would like to compare it with.

On the Compsets page, a few elements have been added:

  • My Property’s room types (a dropdown) that allows to select the base room type for the user’s property
  • Additional column in the Compset table that allows to select the base room type for the competitors’ properties. Empty by default when compset is built. Clicking on Edit (via the gear icon) enables the editing functionality and loads the room types in the dropdown next to each property. The dropdown consists of all room types that are found online for this property and the specified channel in the next 90 days.
  • The rates for those accommodation types that were selected at the first step (on the Compset page) will then be displayed on the Rate Shopper under “Selected Accommodations” option.

Once this option is selected, the graph and table reloads with the rates from those specific room types (instead of all lowest or all highest). If the selected room type is not available for a specific date - it will be displayed as Closed.

Note: in this version, Compset Alerts are not affected by this update, but we will be introducing an improvements to the Alerts in the following release.

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