Cloudbeds Release Notes - November 2018


Cloudbeds is releasing an update to the myfrontdesk system in November 2018.  This update includes improvements to adding payment process, viewing credit cards security, reservations assignments for properties with shared inventory and other.

Merge Users with “View Credit Card Information” with “Credit Card Security” toggle

Earlier there have been two places where a user could manage credit card viewing permissions: on Roles page and Security page. Now we've moved permission to view credit card for myfrontdesk users to be configured only on Security page. 

Only a property owner can manage this permission, so we recommend all Property Owners review their Security page to confirm only the users that should have access to view credit card details actually have access.

Please, check this article for more information on Credit Card Viewing: Viewing Credit Card Details: All You Need To Know

We’ve made the transition as simple as possible. If a user still has not set up their credit card password, the system will prompt the user to set a password the next time they attempt to log in.

Support Payment Collect Options for Traveloka and Goibibo

Cloudbeds now supports two Payment Collect Options for Traveloka and Ingoibibo - Channel Collect and Hotel Collect.

This means that properties

  • will see the payment type on Reservation Details page if booking came from Traveloka or Ingoibibo (for future bookings; for informative purposes only)
Open PDF Documents on the browser

In the past, when a user clicked on a PDF document, such as an invoice, the document would automatically download to your PC.

This release will make PDF documents open directly to a new tab in the user’s browser, where you can print the document or save it.

Smart Date Functionality in Folio

“Smart Date” is a new feature in the Cloudbeds folio that indicates payment or refund getting added will be time-stamped for the current date.

If a user is marking a payment for sometime in the past (not possible with adding cash payments) then the user can uncheck the Smart Date box and choose a date in the past.

Improvement to reservation assignment on Calendar when property also contains shared inventory

When a property has shared inventory, it means one physical room is sold in multiple ways. Such as a single dorm room may be sold as a men’s dorm OR a women’s dorm, depending on which is sold first. When one of these room types is sold one way, it can’t be sold another way because the system creates a red “block” in the calendar. However, when a user is assigning reservations to accommodations, the system is suggesting and allowing a user to over-assign.

This release updates the UI to treat blocks caused by shared inventory like actual blocks. This means a user should not be able to assign reservation to blocked accommodation.

Sometimes when a property has very low availability, the user is unable to assign a guest to consecutive nights. In the event there are no consecutive open dates, the system will show a warning modal advising them on how to proceed with the assignment.

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