How to Connect Ingoibibo/Goibibo to myfrontdesk


Makemytrip, Goibibo, HotelTravel, and Easytobook have all rolled into one single channel - Ingoibibo making it one of the largest online hotels booking engine in India and also one of the leading air aggregators.

If you wish to connect to the OTAs Easytobook, Makemytrip, and Hoteltravel, you should do so via the Ingoibibo channel

Things you should know before you get started:

  • Please check the FAQ section of this article before connecting to this channel

How to connect Ingoibibo to myfrontdesk

Step 1. Register an account at Ingoibibo

If you already have an account with Ingoibibo (Makemytrip, HotelTravel, Easytobook) - please proceed to step 2.

Click on this link,fill in the information about your property and click 'Register Now'.

Complete the account with all the necessary information

Step 2. Connect Ingoibibo account to Cloudbeds inside Ingoibibo Extranet

1. Login to Ingoibibo Extranet and open 'Property' section

2. Go to Channel Manager tab

3. Select 'Cloudbeds' as your channel manager, click ADD

Step 3. Connect and map Ingoibibo inside myfrontdesk

1. Login to myfrontdesk, go to Manage > Channels

2. Search for Ingoibibo (Goibibo) > click 'Not Setup'

3. Enter your access token and hotel code (contact your Goibibo Account Manager to get this info) and click NEXT

4. Map the corresponding rooms between myfrontdesk and Ingoibibo, click NEXT when done:

5.  Choose the rate plan that will be updated by myfrontdesk in the "Rate Selection" section.

Be sure to select the base rate plan since myfrontdesk is unable to control multiple rate plans. Rate plans or promotional packages should be set up directly in Ingoibibo.

In case you have multiple rate plans in this channel, check this article for more details on how to deal with channel's derived rate plans.

6. Add a base rate adjustment for each room type if needed (here you can enter a discount or an increase of your base rate for this specific channel) and click NEXT:

7.  Perform a Full Refresh to send rates/availability from myfrontdesk to the channel

Frequently Asked Questions

Features Supported by Ingoibibo

Ingoibibo supports:

  • Automatic Adjustments
  • Minimum length of stay
  • Closing Rate Plan for Bookings

Ingoibibo does not support:

  • Automatic Adjustments for cancellations
  • Maximum length of stay
  • Close Day for Arrival
  • Close Day for Departure
Taxes, Fees and Commission Setup for Ingoibibo Hotel Collect and Channel Collect

Please make sure that any Rate-Based Taxes were configured as an 'Inclusive' tax - Subtotals received from this channel already include taxes.

Check more details about Rate-Based Taxes configuration here:  Rate-Based Taxes (Dynamic Tax)

1. After you have completed the channel mapping in myfrontdesk, go to Reservation Sources

2. Open 'Third Party Sources' tab

3. Here you will find the Ingoibibo field

4. Configure taxes/fees and commission for Channel Collect (if applicable)

5. Configure taxes/fees and commission for Hotel Collect (if applicable)

Payment Methods for Ingoibibo Hotel Collect and Channel Collect

Myfrontdesk separates Ingoibibo Hotel Collect and Ingoibibo Channel Collect. This means that you will see in a reservation whether the payment is paid directly to the hotel, or collected by the channel before getting paid out to the property.

You can also set up different taxes, fees, commissions, and payment methods for both Ingoibibo Hotel Collect and Channel Collect

To setup payment methods - payment processing should be enabled

1. In myfrontdesk, go to Payment Options

2. Scroll down to 'Processing Methods'

3. Select payment method for Ingoibibo Hotel Collect and Channel Collect separately:

How does myfrontdesk receive the rates from Ingoibibo?

Click here to learn more about how myfrontdesk receives rates from Ingoibibo


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The following error can be solved once you update your Checkin and Checkout time at Goibibo extranet.

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Log in to your Goibibo extranet and access 'Property' section in order to setup/update your Checkin and Checkout time.

If needed, you can also ask your Goibibo Business Development Manager to do it so.

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