Connecting Traveloka to myfrontdesk


Before connecting the channel to myfrontdesk, please, register your property at Traveloka and complete the setup of all accommodations:

Connection and Mapping Process

1. After you have completed your property setup (accommodations) on Traveloka, contact your Traveloka Market Manager/Market Coordinator to activate your hotel for myallocator (channel manager for myfrontdesk) on Traveloka Extranet and to generate the Hotel Code. 

2. After you're provided Traveloka Hotel Code, login to your myfrontdesk account and open 'Channels' page

3. Search for Traveloka and click 'Not Setup, Click to Setup'

4. Enter your Traveloka Hotel Code and click NEXT

5. Map the Traveloka room types with the corresponding room types on myfrontdesk from dropdown list

Consult this article to learn more about room mapping: Distribution Channel Mapping Guidelines

Click NEXT when done

6. Add base rate adjustment if needed

7. The mapping is done! Keep the box checked on this page to send Full Refresh to the channel

Please note that Traveloka does not support receiving MinLos and MaxLos from myfrontdesk (if they are setup)

Check with your Traveloka Account Manager if it's possible to setup these limitations directly on the channels

Taxes, Fees, Commission and Payment Methods Setup

Myfrontdesk separates Traveloka Hotel Collect and Traveloka Channel Collect. This means that you will see in a reservation whether the payment is paid directly to the hotel, or collected by the channel before getting paid out to the property.

You can also set up different taxes, fees, commissions, and payment methods for both Traveloka Hotel Collect and Channel Collect

Taxes, Fees and Commission Setup for Traveloka Hotel Collect and Channel Collect

1. After you have completed the channel mapping, in myfrontdesk go to Reservation Sources

2. Open 'Third Party Sources' tab

3. Here you can find Traveloka field

4. Configure taxes/fees and commission for Channel Collect (if applicable)

5. Configure taxes/fees and commission for Hotel Collect (if applicable)


Payment Methods for Traveloka Hotel Collect and Channel Collect

To setup payment methods - payment processing should be enabled

1. In myfrontdesk go to Payment Options

2. Scroll down to 'Processing Methods'

3. Select payment method for Traveloka Hotel Collect and Channel Collect separately:

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