Cloudbeds Release Notes - October 2018 - PIE 1.2


Cloudbeds is releasing the PIE 1.2 update which is a part of the ongoing product enhancement, in order to continue increasing usability and performance of Price Intelligence Engine.

Main areas affected by this release are improvements in user interface and user activity logs for PIE.

Price Intelligence Engine (PIE) is an optional tool in myfrontdesk which is paid additionally. Please contact our support team if you're interested in trying out PIE.

You can find out more about PIE in our Knowledge Base: PIE - What is Price Intelligence Engine and How to Get Started?

User Interface Improvements
Overview page
  1. “Booking Window” block has been renamed to “Today’s pickup” and moved up on the page
  2. “Today’s pickup” block - ADR column was added
  3. “Today’s pickup” block - added 2 decimals to AVGLOS numbers
  4. "Today’s pickup" block - column names are now clickable to sort data in the table

5. "Top 5 sources" window - column names are now clickable to sort data in the table

6. “Today's activity” block - "Approved" is now clickable and takes to Rate Manager list view, with a list of all Approved rules, sorted with today’s rules on top (please note that right now, Approved rules include Compset Alerts)

7. “Market data” block - arrows added to move to next 30 days, now able to review 90 days total

8. Today's activity block - "Denied" is now clickable and takes to Rate Manager list view, showing the list of Denied rules, sorted with today’s rules on top

Compset page

Search hotels window (when creating a compset) - ghost text added in the search box, making it clearer for the user how to search for compset properties in the database:

Rate Manager page
  1. List view - filter was enhanced and default filter results were updated, to make it more intuitive and to match the results in the Table view.

When user navigates to this page, it now has the following default pre-settings:

  • From: today's date
  • To: today's date + 30 days
  • Type: all selected
  • Room type: all selected
  • Rule state: all selected
  • "Show completed rules" toggle has been removed
Accommodation Details Modal

“Current Occupancy” and “Date Triggered” information is added to the description of the triggered rule in 'Rules & Alerts' tab

Rate Shopper page
  1. The graph with compset rates no longer drops to 0 when a property is sold out, closed or has a stay restriction.  The line will break if a property is not available on a specific date.

2. List view and Graph view are now combined on the same page for easy access. One filter applies to both views.

3. Default setting for both table and graph on this page is now set to “Lowest Prices”, meaning that when the user navigates to this page - it will show Lowest rates (in both views), until the user makes a different selection.

4. 'My property' is now highlighted in the table so it stands out from the rest of the properties in the compset.

5. When a rate shop returns a result that a particular competitor property is no longer available on the specified OTA website - a popup message will now be shown, suggesting to remove the property from the compset or pick a different source.

The following message will appear: "[Hotel name] is no longer available on [website name]. Please remove it from your compset or select a different source."

Activity Logs

We have significantly enhanced our user Activity Logs, which will help you look for necessary information and get all necessary details in regards to PIE activity.

The following updates have been made:

  1. All logs generated by PIE or in PIE will now be displaying separately in Activity Logs page within PIE tool, for quick access and easier navigation. Previously, they were combined with the rest of the logs.

2. A new user “PIE” has been added to the list of users in the filter. All events triggered by the System but caused by PIE will now be marked as PIE being the user. All events triggered by property users will not change and will still have the same user tag.

3. Filter on the PIE Activity Logs page is different from that on the regular Activity Logs page, it has been adapted to the specifics of logs generated by PIE.

  • In particular, “Applied for” filter has been added, which allows the user to select a date(range) to be researched (for which the rule applied).
  • And “Res #, Name” is replaced with “Rule Name” as a dropdown to select logs associated with this rule.

4. Additional details in the log descriptions have been added in various rules, for more information and more clarity, including current state of occupancy at the time of rule triggering.


All new PIE subscribers will have a few pre-loaded occupancy rules in their account. The rules will be active and set to Manual mode (meaning, the rates won’t be automatically updated by the system, but alerts with rate suggestions will appear in the Rate Manager for the users to review and approve/decline).

The following rules will be created

  • Occupancy > 60% - raise rate by 10% (overall occ)
  • Occupancy > 70% - raise rate by 10% (overall occ)
  • Occupancy > 80% - raise rate by 10% (overall occ)
  • Occupancy <50% and -3 days- lower rate by 5% (overall occ)
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