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We are glad to announce Airbnb and Cloudbeds 2-Way API Integration! Also, Cloudbeds is part of Airbnb's Preferred Software Partner program -  Further information here

Check this article to learn how to sign up for Airbnb API Connection

Benefits of the Airbnb API connection:

  1. Full sync between Cloudbeds and Airbnb listings. We will automatically update your
    • rates
    • availability
    • restrictions (MinLos, MaxLos, etc.)
    • cancellations
    • modifications
  2. The sync is instant and is not delayed
  3. Support of sync for room types with multiple units of availability 

Limitation of Airbnb API Connection

  1. When the listing is connected via Airbnb API it's not possible to use the Smart Pricing and the discounts on Airbnb: 
    • Length-of-stay discounts
    • Early-bird discounts
    • Last-minute discounts

Visit this article from our Knowledge Base to learn more about our Price Intelligence Engine feature

If you're selling the accommodations with discounts at the moment - please pay attention to this limitation as after the sync all the discounts will be disabled. A fix for this limitation will be coming soon.

2.  The API allows listings in North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. However, aside from traditional hospitality listings, we do not currently accept listings via the API in the following select urban markets:

  • New York, NY, USA
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Boston, MA, USA
  • Portland, OR, USA
  • Singapore

Traditional hospitality listings are not subject to these urban market restrictions. Additionally, in Japan we do not accept listings for accommodations (minpaku) used for Housing Accommodation Business under the Japanese Housing Accommodation Business Act (Act No.65 of 2017) via the API. The only exception to this is certain Japanese API partners who have entered into the license agreement with regard to Airbnb brand and intellectual properties within Japan.

To utilize the API in the above geographies, you must select and be licensed as one of the following property type categories aparthotel, bnb, boutique hotel, farm stay, hostel, hotel, lodge, timeshare, minsu, casa particular, pension, pousada, resort, ryokan, heritage hotel, and serviced apartment.   

Visit this article to learn how to Connect Airbnb API to myfrontdesk

1. Listing's status should be Listed

Listing's status should be set to "Listed". If you will sync the listing in status "Unlisted" or "Snoozed" - it will remain in this status and it won't be possible to edit it unless the listing is disconnected

2. Listing's pricing and availability settings

After syncing with Cloudbeds some settings in Airbnb Extranet won't be editable ("Edit" button will be grayed out as shown in the example below), so make sure they are correct before the sync:

  1. Listings->open the listing you need->booking settings->"How guests can book"
  2. Listings->open the listing you need->listing details->"Listing status"
  3. Listings->open the listing you need->"Listing pricing"->ALL SETTINGS
  4. Listings->open the listing you need->"Listing availability"->ALL SETTINGS
3. Extra guest price, fees

If you collect extra guest charge or fees - you should set them before the sync (these parameters won't be editable after the sync with myfrontdesk):

Unfortunately, if you use special discounts - after we connect your listing with API, all the discounts will be disabled.

Please note that myfrontdesk will only update and sync your base rate, which is on your Cloudbeds calendar.  We do not send, update your discounts, any other pricing models on the channel

4. Currencies between AirBnb and myfrontdesk must match

Please, note that the currency which is set in myfrontdesk for AirBnb channel and the currency which is set on the AirBnb extranet per each listing should be the same. Otherwise there will be an error in the connection and we won't be available to update the pricing on the channel.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )
I am using myallocator for the Airbnb connection. Should I change?

No, you can still use myallocator and connect to Airbnb with the API connection. To start, please reach out to our Support team at and we will assist you the further steps

Going Live on the API Connection
We just activated the Airbnb API connection. Is it necessary to review reservations made on Airbnb before the connection was activated, or will they pass to Cloudbeds automatically?

Activating the Airbnb API connection will not affect your old bookings that were made prior to the activation. Cloudbeds will not import bookings that were made prior to the Airbnb API activation. Only new bookings will be updated automatically in Cloudbeds.

For hostels, will I need to create a single Airbnb listing for each bed of each dorm?

There are several scenarios that you can view to determine which is best for your circumstances. Please refer to step 3.3 of the Airbnb API Connection Guide: Mapping dorm beds on Airbnb with myfrontdesk shared rooms (dorm beds).

Pricing and Payments
How will the payment be processed in Cloudbeds? Will Cloudbeds show the commission? We currently use an Airbnb payment credit as we create the reservation in-house.

All Airbnb bookings are paid at the time of booking by the guest, in full. When Cloudbeds receives the booking in myfrontdesk, the “balance due” section will only show the money that you earn; Cloudbeds does not count the commission. However, it will still show as “balance due” and you will need to manually add a payment in our system and mark this booking as paid. We are currently working on showing all bookings as paid when they come into the Cloudbeds system. As soon as this is implemented, everyone will be notified.

Does the minimum price listed in Airbnb override the rate in my Cloudbeds system? How do price settings work with the API connection?

After we connect your listing via the Airbnb API connection, Cloudbeds will control your rates and availability on the channel. Cloudbeds will override the rates, pricing rules, and smart pricing that was initially set up on the channel. We will send your base rates to the channel. It works the same way as with all other two-way connection channels.

Other than rates, what else from Cloudbeds gets updated in Airbnb via the API? What is Cloudbeds doing about intelligent rate and revenue management (a la Airbnb smart pricing algos)?
  1. There is a full sync between Cloudbeds and Airbnb for your listings. We will automatically update your: rates, availability, restrictions (MinLos, MaxLos, etc.), cancellations, and modifications. Once you receive a reservation, it’ll be added to your Cloudbeds myfrontdesk system automatically and the channel manager will update your availability.
  2. Regarding intelligent rate and revenue management, when the listing is connected via the API, smart pricing does not work on Airbnb and Cloudbeds; it will override it.
  3. Yes, Cloudbeds rates rules override Airbnb smart pricing.
Is it possible to sell hotel rooms on Airbnb?

Yes, you can sell hotel rooms and dorms. Please check our mapping guidelines for more information and all possible scenarios: connecting Airbnb API to myfrontdesk.

Will all the features we have with other OTAs be the same with Airbnb?

Yes, the Airbnb API connection supports most of the features that are supported by most two-way connections. Here are the features that the Airbnb API supports:

  • Automatic synchronization of your rates and availability
  • Automatic adjustment for cancellations
  • Sending minimum length of stay
  • Sending maximum length of stay
  • Sending closed days for arrival/departure
  • Closing rate plan for bookings

The Airbnb API connection does not support:

  • Sending single use rate (sending price for one person/guest)
I’m having some trouble with cancellations on Airbnb not being updated in my Cloudbeds system. What do you suggest?

The Airbnb API will automatically update your Cloudbeds system with cancellations only for bookings that were made after you connected the listing via the API. For these cases, the cancellation on Airbnb should be updated instantly in Cloudbeds. If you have any issues with this feature, please contact us:

Is it possible to only allocate a block of 10 rooms to Airbnb while leaving our other inventory available for other methods of reservations?

Myfrontdesk has an option to configure an allotment. You can specify a designated amount of inventory to be pushed to all active channels for each room type. This option will allow you to send fewer rooms to specific channels. Please be aware that this feature doesn’t “read” from which channel you’re receiving your reservation. For more information, please contact our support team at You can also check our Airbnb Mapping Guidelines to read further information about the mapping process.

Will Cloudbeds or Airbnb override instant book settings, especially with regards to the guest requirements section?

When your listing is connected via the Airbnb API, Cloudbeds will automatically turn on the instant booking on Airbnb, and it will not be possible to disable it unless you disconnect the channel. As for the guest requirements section, guest trip information we will not override this information.

With the instant booking feature on Airbnb, there seems to be a time lag on myallocator that can cause overbookings. Is this fixed with the Airbnb API connection?

Since the API connection updates availability automatically, instant booking settings will not affect anything. If you’re using the Airbnb Ical connection, we always suggest turning this feature off to avoid overbookings.

How far in future myfrontdesk updates the rates and availability of Airbnb?

Myfrontdesk will send the rates and availability for upcoming 3 years out but Airbnb only shows 365 days

Which listing types other than house do not support the multi-inventory?

The answer is provided by Airbnb team:

"Room Type Inventory Policies:

Room Type inventory allows hosts to have multiple availabilities for the same listing on the same day. Hosts can group multiple rooms into a single “representative” set and use daily availability counts to manage the availability on the listing.

This feature should be implemented only when there is more than 1 room available per day for the listing, and when these rooms share similar attributes such that they can be considered true substitutes; the rooms should have the same amenities, bed configurations, size, decor, and address.

Note that listings with property type House are not eligible to be listed as Room Type Inventory"

Can I keep my Airbnb reviews if I move over to the new Airbnb API connection?

Yes! Cloudbeds will need to connect your existing listings via an API. You will not need to create new listings. All reviews will be saved.

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