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2 Factor Authentication - Everything You Need to Know


The Two Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security that is known as "multi-factor authentication" that requires not only a password and user name but also a code or test that only the user can confirm. By sending a verification code to the customer’s cell phone, Cloudbeds can help protect customers from internet fraud.

The 2 factor authentication is required every time you log in from a new browser, computer or other devices. To keep your credentials safe, the authentication process is required every 30 days.

You have a few options to use 2 Factor Authentication:

  1. Text Message / Voice Call
  2. Authentication App (Authy) As of April, 2020 -  Authy for Chrome and Chrome extension is no longer supported.

If you need any help with 2 FA reach out to our support team. Cloudbeds Team will never ask for login passwords, 2 FA code or 2 FA emergency/recovery code from you.

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