How to enable and use the Two Factor Authentication (2 FA)


Why do you need it?

Good security requires layers of protection, and because of this, Cloudbeds supports Two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA or two-step verification.

The Two Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security that is known as "multi-factor authentication" that requires not only a password and user name but also a code or test that only the user can confirm. By sending a verification code to the customer’s cell phone, Cloudbeds can help protect customers from internet fraud.

Check out the most frequently asked questions about 2 FA in the following article: Two Factor Authentication (2FA) FAQ

You have a few options to use 2 Factor Authentication. Check out the section below to learn more about each option:

  1. Text Message / Voice Call
  2. Authentication App (Authy) As of April, 2020 -  Authy for Chrome and Chrome extension is no longer supported.

Cloudbeds Team will never ask for login passwords, 2 FA code or 2 FA emergency/recovery code from you.

How to enable 2 Factor Authentication

  1. Click My User Profile
  2. Under 2 Factor Authentication, click Continue

3. Choose one of the verification methods below and click Begin Verification

  • For the time being, Cloudbeds supports Voice Call and SMS in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • At the moment, only one phone number can be used for authentication.
  • If you often travel abroad, it is recommended to verify using the Authentication App as it can be used offline
Verify using Text Message / Voice Call
  1. Enter country code, city code and phone number. The system will send you a verification code via SMS or voice call.
  2. Choose between Text Me or Call Me.

A note from Authy:

"Landlines are not fully supported yet. Although we support phone calls to verify your identity and install the Authy Chrome app to your computer, and you can then use the Authy app to log in to external accounts, we've found that if the phone call doesn't work you will be locked out and there are no other means to authenticate.  Please don't use Authy with a landline"

  1. Enter the verification code sent to the phone number added on the previous step and click Verify or you can change the verification method if you are not receiving the code.
  2. Click Verify.

8. The system will display an Emergency Code for you to save or write down. If you ever lose access to your authentication device, you can use this code to access your Cloudbeds account.

  • It's not possible to view current emergency code after you close the window but you can generate a new emergency code on 'My User profile' page. See section: How to get a new emergency/recovery code
  • Emergency code can be used only once.

9. Click Complete Verification.

Verify using Authentication app (Authy)

The Authy app is a convenient and a free alternative and it can be used offline and is supported on multiple devices, very useful for when you need to travel abroad.

You will need to download the app to your smart phone. Immediately upon downloading the app, you should enable Multiple Device functionality. Please, find instructions for this here.

If you want to use the Authy desktop app, you must initially verify using the mobile app. See how to download the desktop app here.

  1. Enter your cell phone number (country code, city code and phone number) and click Next.

We will not call or text you; this phone number is used to register you as a Cloudbeds user with Authy.

  1. Open your Authy app and click the plus (+) button in the middle of the screen to add authenticator account. This will activate your camera to scan a QR code provided on myfrontdesk verification page.
  2. Scan QR Code and click Next.
  1. Cloudbeds account will be displayed on Authy app, enter the account nickname and click Save.
  1. Now you can see the Cloudbeds verification code on Authy app. Note that there is expiration period of the token.
  1. Go back to the verification page on myfrontdesk and enter the token you see on Authy app and click Verify.
  1. The system will display an Emergency Code for you to save or write down. If you ever lose access to your authentication device, you can use this code to access your Cloudbeds account.
  • The emergency code will be hidden once you close the window, if needed, you can generate a new emergency code on My User profile page. See section: How to get a new emergency/recovery code
  • Emergency code can be used only once.
  1. Click Complete Verification.

Once your account is verified using one of the methods above, you will see 2 FA information on your My User Profile page.

  • Verified: Means that you've completed the process and the code was verified successfully. You can also see the last 4 digits of the phone number you verified.
  • Verify New: Click on this button to verify a new authentication device.
  • New Code: If you forgot to save your emergency code, click to generate a new code

The 2FA status will be displayed on Users menu:

Only the Property Owner is able to see the 2 FA Reset button for users and use it if needed.

How to login using the 2 Factor Authentication

This authentication is required when a user logs in from a new browser, computer or other devices. To keep your credentials safe, the authentication process is required every 30 days.

Once 2 FA is setup for your account, the system will ask you a verification code when logging in on a new browser or other device:

  1. On the login page, enter your email and password, click Login.
  2. Enter the one-time code (the code will be sent to the phone registered in this step: How to enable 2 Factor Authentication) if you are not receiving the code, you can also try choosing another authentication method.
  3. Click Submit.

Sometimes the code can take up to a minute to deliver. The system prevents users from requesting too many codes, because Authy may temporarily block a user due to too many requests. Considering this information, you can request an SMS code only once in 60 seconds.

There are a few reasons why you may not receive an SMS message:

  • The cellular carrier does not deliver SMS messages from short code app (like Authy).
  • Your carrier may be experiencing some other delivery problem. Authy has recommended when a user has mobile service but code is not delivered, users can request their code by a voice call, which can often be more successful.

How to use the emergency/recovery code

If you ever lose access to your authentication device (i.e. phone), you can use the emergency code to gain access to your account. Follow steps:

  1. Click Use recovery code
  1. Enter your emergency/recovery code. This code is given when you completed the verification in this step: How to enable 2 Factor Authentication
  2. Click Verify.

You can perform 5 attempts to enter the emergency code. If the system does not allow you to make further attempts, please contact our support at

After getting access to myfrontdesk with the recovery code - you will be redirected to the My User Profile page to re-verify a device. The 2 Factor Authentication modal will automatically open.

You may close the window, however, closing this modal will be noted in the activity log. It is your responsibility to verify a new device after using the emergency code.

How to verify a new phone number

If you need to change a phone number for any reasons including traveling to another country, you can verify the new phone number following the steps below:

  • This process will override the current number on file.
  • At the moment, only one phone number can be used for authentication.
  1. Access your My User Profile.
  2. Click Verify New and enter a new phone number.
  1. Enter your login password and click Confirm.

If you are traveling to someplace where you will not have phone access at all, you should verify using the Authy app so you can have continued access to the Cloudbeds platform. See section: If you choose Authentication App

How to get a new emergency/recovery code

If you did not have the chance to save your emergency code or in case you lost it, you can generate a new one inside your 'My User Profile'. Follow steps:

  1. Click the user icon.
  2. Go to My User Profile page.
  3. Click New Code.
  4. Save your emergency code.
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