Cloudbeds Release Notes - August 2018

Reservation Source Filter on Account Balances Report

We added a Reservation Source filter to the Account Balances report. This follows in the shadow of an update we added to the account balance report where we total the balance due at the bottom of the page.

Add Reservation Status to Police Report

We added a new filter on the police report for reservation status. In addition to the new filter a property can configure the report to have a default reservation status every time the report is loaded.

Police Report to Export All Records

Previously, when users would export records from the police report it would only export records on the page a user was viewing. Now, if a user exports data from the report, then all pages will be exported.

Show Checked-Out guests on Departure List

We’ve added the ability to see guests who have checked out in a simple, at-a-glance way. From the dashboard, a property can go to their departure list and check who has checked out.

Not all properties require this information. The option will need to be enabled in a property’s General System Settings, under Miscellaneous Preferences. By default, it will be disabled (grayed out). Switching to green shows checked-out guests on the departure list. Guests will be ordered by reservation status in a descending order (In-house guests will be listed above Checked-out).

Show Cancellation Date and Time on Cancellation Number

When a user mouses over the cancellation number on a reservation, a tooltip will appear that gives them the date and time of cancellation.

Added notice to the Facebook App page

Customers who want to add Mybookings as a tab on their Facebook page will now need to have at least 2000 fans to successfully create this tab. This is a restriction imposed by Facebook:

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