How to Connect Bakuun with myfrontdesk

Follow the first OTA with 0% commission and no fee for the reservation of rooms and with 4 more additional types of reservations such as day use room , meeting rooms , travel packages and share your rooms partner program.  

Official website:
You can register your property on Bakuun by following this link:

Step 1: Connecting Bakuun to myallocator (channel manager for myfrontdesk) in Bakuun Extranet

1. Log in to your Bakuun account:

2. Click 'Manage properties' and select the property you want connect to myallocator

3. Click 'Manage Connectivity'

IMPORTANT: The connection will be possible only if all the various rooms and the relative conditions, that are indispensable to be able to carry out the mapping have already been created within the extranet.  

4. Under 'CHANNEL MANAGER PROVIDER LIST' scroll down to 'My Allocator' (it's the channel manager for myfrontdesk) and click SELECT next to it

5. Select 'Full Connection' connection type. With this connection type it's possible to manage reservations, rates and availability through myfrontdesk)

6. Check the box next to 'Terms and Conditions' and click 'ACCEPT'

7. Wait for our team to confirm the connection:

8. Once we confirm the connection - Bakuun will redirect you to the 4th step of connection.

You need to confirm the connection to our channel manager here:

You're ready to proceed to Step 2 "Connecting myfrontdesk with Bakuun".


ln case of problems and / or doubts or any other need related to the connection procedure, the extranet always provides active CHAT ASSISTANCE at the bottom of the screen. Bakuun Support team is also available By email at and By phone +44.203.813.2853

Step 2: Connecting myfrontdesk with Bakuun

1. Login to myfrontdesk and open 'Channels' section

2. Search for Bakuun and click 'Not Setup' next to it

3. Enter your Hotel Id and Password:

4. Proceed with the mapping process Distribution Channel Mapping Guidelines

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