Accepting Cloudbeds' Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service include specific provisions for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as a copy of Cloudbeds' Data Processing Agreement.

All customers are required to accept the Terms and Conditions for new accounts, new packages and add-on features.

This article demonstrates how you accept the Terms and Conditions in Cloudbeds and Billing Portal.

Note: only users with Roles that have Billing Portal access will be presented with the Terms of Service pop-up.

Updated Terms of Service

Cloudbeds' updated Terms of service can be found here.

Accepting Whistle and Cloudbeds Amplify Terms of Service (for New Customers)

If you are a new customer and will be using Whistle or Cloudbeds Amplify features in your account, while setting up your billing information, be sure to accept the terms and conditions of those features too, as the example below:

  1. In Step 4, confirm that you agree with the Terms  and Conditions of Whistle for Cloudbeds and/or Cloudbeds Amplify.
Terms of Service Pop-Up

As of May 25, 2018, your property is required to Accept our Terms of Service.  

The Terms of Service will be presented in a pop-up screen, and you will be required to click Accept Terms as shown below.

Note: if you do not wish to accept our Terms of Service, you must cancel your account.

Once the Terms have been accepted by the property, the Pop-Up will not show again.

Accepting Terms of Service for New Packages and Features

If you changed your package or decided to add new features to your account, you must go to the Billing Portal to accept the new Terms and Conditions before the update is applied to your account. Follow the steps below:

In Cloudbeds PMS,

  1. Access the Account icon in the top navigation bar
  2. Go to the Billing Portal

The Terms and Conditions pop-up window will be displayed once you're directed to the Billing Portal.

  1. Click the I agree with all Terms and Conditions for the 'new add-on' checkbox
  2. Click on Ok to accept.

You have completed the requirement.

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