Reservation Import options in Cloudbeds PMS

This article offers a general description about the Reservation Import options available in Cloudbeds PMS, and how to import many reservations to the PMS system at once.


Reservations in the system directly affect the availability of your property. It is crucial to ensure that all reservations made before connecting to Cloudbeds PMS or specific channels are properly imported into the Cloudbeds system before going live.

Currently, there are two Reservation Import options in Cloudbeds PMS. Continue reading below for more details:

Manual Quick Import

The Manual quick import tool located in the Reservations page allows you to easily transfer over all of your reservations from your previous system with our quick import tool. This is the perfect tool to streamline your Cloudbeds setup experience.

Property Owner has an access to Reservations page by default. The rest of the users can be given the permission to access this option on the Roles page. Learn more about how to add, edit or delete roles.

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