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Importing Reservations to myfrontdesk


The reservations import step is very important: The reservations in the system affect the availability directly. Before going live you need to ensure that all the reservations made before connecting to myfrontdesk or specific channel are imported properly to myfrontdesk.

Check this article to learn how you may import many reservations to myfrontdesk at once.

There are 2 options on how you can import many reservations into myfrontdesk.  They are represented on Reservations Import Options page.

In myfrontdesk,

  1. Access Reservations tab
  2. Click on Reservations Import Options icon

On this page you can see the import options available:


Easily transfer over all of your reservations from your previous system with our quick import tool. The perfect tool to streamline your myfrontdesk setup experience. For detailed information on how to use Quick Import Tool please check this article: Adding (Importing) Reservations Using The Quick Import Tool

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