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AdsHotel is Metasearch Management Platform for Hotel Ad Campaigns. It allows users to connect property directly to several metasearch engine channels: Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, Tripadvisor, Kayak, SkyScanner, Nozio, Swoodoo, and Wego (these connections need to be done within the AdsHotel Extranet).

It uses an easy-to-understand interface to make ad campaign management simple and drives direct bookings to your property through your Booking Engine (mybookings).

With AdsHotel, you have a central dashboard to track your ad spend, optimize your campaigns, and easily set your budget by channel. And if you are new to budget management overwhelms you, Ads Hotels offers AI technology to help you make strategic decisions.

AdsHotel Official Website

AdsHotel Knowledge Base (requires username and password)

General Information about Metasearch Channels

Cloudbeds customers receive special pricing on AdsHotel. See 'Connection Guide. Step 2' below for more information

How Connection Works

The graph below shows how the connection between AdsHotel and myfrontdesk' booking engine (mybookings) works:

Example (Trivago)

You decided to promote your property on Trivago.

  1. You create an account on AdsHotel
  2. You connect AdsHotel inside myfrontdesk
  3. AdsHotel team "connects" myfrontdesk booking engine (mybookings) to Trivago
  4. Now your property will appear on Trivago
  5. If a guest find your property on Trivago, clicking 'Hotel website' deal will redirect him to your mybookings page
  6. The reservation made by guest will be imported to myfrontdesk with Source = AdsHotel (not Trivago!)
Connection Guide
Step 1. Checking your booking engine compatibility with AdsHotel

In order to connect AdsHotel to myfrontdesk, you must have a compatible internet booking engine (for example, mybookings). All Metasearch Engine channels accessed via AdsHotel utilize a direct booking strategy that pushes all bookings to your property via your booking engine.

If you already use mybookings - you can proceed to step 2.

  • If you use another booking engine (not mybookings), we cannot guarantee the compatibility with AdsHotel. Please speak with your AdsHotel account manager to determine compatibility or contact our support team at to know how to start using mybookings.
  • BookNow (free booking engine for myallocator) is not a compatible booking engine to use with AdsHotel. If you use BookNow as your current booking engine, you must upgrade before using this channel to a compatible booking engine like Cloudbeds’ mybookings.

    Check this article, if you want to learn more about myfrontdesk booking engine - Mybookings Booking Engine Overview and FAQ
Step 2. Creating AdsHotel Account

Note that Cloudbeds/Myallocator customers receive special pricing on AdsHotel.

This includes waived setup costs and monthly subscription plans ranging from 1-2/room (4 beds = 1 room) while an advertising campaign is active. Please reach out to AdsHotel to discuss which option will best meet your needs.

Sign up at the link below. Using this link will flag you for the discounted rates mentioned above.

Once AdsHotel subscription form is filled out, AdsHotel will reach out to you to

  • review the account,
  • create the property on extranet,
  • provide access credentials and training,
  • and start the campaigns.

Only after AdsHotel account manager has confirmed that you're ready to begin campaign usage and connect to myfrontdesk - you can proceed to Step 3.

Please note that it takes several days to build out a property account on AdsHotel due to the complexity of the campaign process.

Step 3. Connecting AdsHotel in myfrontdesk

After you sign up on AdsHotel and your AdsHotel account manager has confirmed that you are ready to begin campaign usage, you many use your access credentials to connect AdsHotel to myfrontdesk using the steps below.

  1. Login to myfrontdesk and go to Manage (gear icon)
  2. Open Channels page
  3. Click Add Channel > AdsHotel
  4. Enter the credentials provided to you by AdsHotel team and click Next
  5. Follow the mapping process: map the room type in myfrontdesk with room type in AdsHotel
  6. Add Base Rate Adjustment if needed
    *Please note, it's recommended not to use base rate adjustment for AdsHotel: the search engines (supported by AdsHotel) will redirect your guest to mybookings which displays Base Rates by default. If the rate sent to search engine will be higher or lower than in mybookings - it can cause confusion for your guests. If you have Rate Plans available publicly on mybookings - you can enter base rate adjustment here, but note that adjustment is sent for the rates for all the dates in the future, while rate plan can be available only for a certain period.
  7. Done! Keep the box on the last mapping page checked to send Full Refresh to the channel
Step 4. Add AdsHotel as Reservation Source
  1. In myfrontdesk go to "Reservation Sources" page
  2. Open "Third Party Sources" tab
  3. Next to source "OTA" click "+Add New"
  4. Select "AdsHotel" from the dropdown menu
    You can also apply tax/fee on this page for the reservations coming from this source
  5. Click SAVE when finished
Receiving bookings

Please note that bookings will not come to myfrontdesk in the same way that a normal channel sends bookings, in the sense that they will not come in from AdsHotel. Instead, reservations will come directly through your booking engine (please see section "How Connection Works" in this article above)

If you are using mybookings, the reservation should appear with a Source "AdsHotel" in the reservation even though this booking is NOT coming to you from the AdsHotel channel directly (but rather through your booking engine via Google, Trivago, Kayak, etc.).

Check this article, if you want to learn more about myfrontdesk booking engine - Mybookings Booking Engine Overview and FAQ

IMPORTANT: the reservation source will be marked as "AdsHotel" ONLY if you have this source set and enabled on "Reservation Sources" page, otherwise its source will be set to "Website"

See how to setup this source in "Connection Guide" above (step 4)

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