Cloudbeds Release Notes - May 2018

Add Permission for Adjusting Taxes/Fees on Folio

In a folio, whether in a House Account or in a Reservation, a property user is able to make adjustments to a folio’s Room Revenue, Taxes and Fees, or Product prices. Currently, any property user can manually adjust a folio’s Taxes and Fees by using the Adjust Charge button.

Cloudbeds has added a new Permission under Roles called "Adjust Taxes/Fees on Folio". Specifically, it will appear beneath "Add Adjustments" as a subpermission.

Learn more about Roles and Permissions in our Knowledge Base.  

United States Currency Selector should be shown as USD and not $

This release fixes a glitch in the Mybookings currency selector where the United States Dollar was sometimes showing up as its symbol ($), which can cause confusion with other currencies using this symbol. The currency now says USD

Verifying More Use Cases in the Housekeeping Module

Cloudbeds has done a more thorough audit of its housekeeping module to make sure rooms are appropriately marked as dirty. Our goal is to go beyond the obvious and think of more edge cases so that you never find yourself moving a guest into a room that has not been cleaned.

Auto-populate and Total Manually Added Fees

When you select a fee to add manually to the folio of a reservation or house account, the system will automatically load the amount you specified when you set up your fees. If this fee has an exclusive tax applied, you will see it totaled in another field before clicking the “Add” button. If you select a tax or fee that is a percentage, you will be able to write in a flat amount.

Allow inclusive taxes on manually added fees

Until now, only exclusive taxes were supported when manually adding a fee. Going forward, when you manually add fees to a folio that have an inclusive tax, you’ll see in the journal how much of the fee went to tax. For example if you add a $10 fee with a 5% inclusive tax, you’ll see two lines in the journal: $9.50 for the fee, and $0.50 for the tax.

Daily Financial Report

Excel files can store numbers in two ways: as calculable numbers, or as plain text that can not be used in equations. This release fixes a glitch where the numbers in the daily financial report were exported as plain text.

Learn more about Daily Financial Report in our Knowledge Base

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