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Cloudbeds Billing Portal - How to Cancel a Trial Package/Product


It is only possible to cancel if the Product is still in the Trial Period.  Once the Trial ends, the Product will become Active and you will be charged for the Product.

Follow the steps below to cancel the Package/Product in Trial status:

  1. Account
  2. Current Packages
  3. Make sure the package is still in Trial

To cancel an Active Package/Product, please email to request cancellation.

  1. Click on Cancel This Trial in front of the trial package
  1. Confirm the Cancellation by clicking Yes
  1. Billing on the Trial Package will be suspended until the cancellation is processed
  2. Wait until Cloudbeds Support will confirm your cancellation.

Once you request the cancellation you will not be charged for the Trial Product, even if your Trial ends before our Support team confirms the cancellation.

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