How to Connect Myhotelshop to myfrontdesk

Follow aims to increase direct business to hotels and offers access to relevant marketing channels and manages / distributes hotel content to the most important metasearch hotel listing services like Google, Kayak, and Trivago.

To get started, you should email the myhotelshop connectivity team at to request the connection to myallocator.

Step 1. Hotel orders its meta search placements (Trivago, TripAdvisor, Kayak, ...) through myhotelshop.

  • Price model is CPC based
  • Via self service or via myhotelshop campaign management

Step 2. Myhotelshop will ask property for all the relevant information about the hotel via the "rate sheet." Make sure that you mention 'myallocator'* as your channel manager
(*myallocator is a channel manager for myfrontdesk).

Step 3. Once registration process is complete, myfrontdesk will send pricing and availability to myhotelshop.  The hotel will show with the direct link on the metasearch.

There is no need to connect myhotelshop in myfrontdesk - the connection with our channel manager is fully done on myhotelshop side. 

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