Cloudbeds Release Notes - April 2018


Cloudbeds has come through with another set of updates to ensure your property runs as efficiently as it needs to be.

Better Workflow Around Refunds

When you refund a payment in Cloudbeds, you’re given two choices. You can either mark it as a refund outside the system (like for cash or check) or you can refund directly to a guest’s credit card. The system used to require users to choose which refund they were performing.

Now when you have already taken a credit card payment through a gateway, Cloudbeds will save you the extra task of choosing the type of refund and simply default to refund to a guest’s credit card.

Learn more about how to process refund using payment gateway in our Knowledge Base: Processing Refund Through Payment Gateway

Improvements to Shared Inventory in Housekeeping Module

Now the housekeeping module will recognize rooms that are linked via shared inventory and mark them as dirty and occupied appropriately.

Learn more about our Housekeeping Module and Shared Inventory in our Knowledge Base.

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