Connecting HotelBonanza with myfrontdesk


1. Before connecting Hotel Bonanza to myfrontdesk you should have a registered Hotel Bonanza account connected to myallocator (myfrontdesk channel manager).

To register your property, please go to and click 'Join Us'. To begin the simple online registration, please enter your property name, email, telephone number and select the channel manager myallocator (you can change this at a later date).

Once you complete entering all the information associated with the hotel in the extranet - rooms, rates, media, payments etc -the Hotel Bonanza team will approve and activate the hotel on their end and you will receive your Hotel Bonanza HOTEL ID and instructions how to map the rooms on myfrontdesk side

You will  find the channel manager you're connected to and your Hotel Bonanza Property ID on 'Property Information' page:

Once your property is registered on Hotel Bonanza, and myallocator is set as your channel manager on Hotel Bonanza, you may start connecting the channel in myfrontdesk and map the rooms.
2. Login to myfrontdesk and go to Channels page
3. Search for HotelBonanza and click 'Not Setup'

4. Enter your Hotel Bonanza Hotel ID
5. Follow the mapping process to sync the channel with myallocator

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