Split Folio Release Notes


With Split Folio release we are introducing the ability to create several folios in one reservation: now you may create a separate folio with a balance for each guest, as well generate separate invoices for each transaction type and/or source.

Split Folio Use Cases:
  • Confidential rates
    With Split Folio you can create a confidential folio with the room rate, tax transactions and a payment by the third party, and then create a separate folio for the guest with all remaining purchases and a payment done by the guest.
  • Reservations with multiple rooms and guests
    The user can now create a separate folio for each guest, and route each transaction to the appropriate folio. Guest 1 folio can have the room rate and tax transactions for 1 room, and Guest 2 folio can have the room rate and tax transactions for room 2.
  • Guests traveling for business
    Have guests where the business is responsible for covering the cost of the stay but not the guest’s entertainment? Create a folio for the business, and a separate folio for all the entertainment purchases made by the guest.
Split Folio Functionality Overview
1) Folio Configuration Page

A new page “Folio Configuration” has been added underneath the Property Configuration section within the property settings.
Find the detailed instructions on how to configure folios for different sources in this article: Folio Configuration Page

“Default Folio Configuration” will be automatically created by the system for all current reservations. This configuration will have only one folio named “Folio 1”. All transaction types across all reservation sources will be posted to this folio.

On this page you can set up which folios should immediately be created and where each transaction type should post when a new reservation is received from specific source by myfrontdesk. Multiple configuration options can be created, and a different configuration can be set up for each reservation source.

For example, you would like to have 2 folios for all reservations coming from travel agent: the confidential folio will contain the payment and charges related to travel agency and the second folio may contain all the rest of transactions, for example, the items or services ordered by a guest.

2) Folio Tab on Reservation

Learn more about new Folio tab on reservation in our Knowledge Base: Folio Tab on Reservation

The folio tab of the reservation will list out all the folios on the left hand side.  In Folio panel, the user can:

  1. Add new folio by clicking the “Add Folio” button
  2. Edit or remove an existing folio
  3. Choose a different folio configuration
3) Move Transactions Button

A button “Move Transactions” has been added alongside the 'Add / Refund Payment' and 'Add / Adjust Charge' buttons. Clicking this button and selecting “Move Between Folios” will allow the user to move individual transaction or transaction types across folios. A single transaction can be moved, or a type of transactions can be moved.

Learn more about how to move transactions between folios in our Knowledge Base: Folio Tab on Reservation

Additional changes
Actions picklist

The invoices, compose mail, print and delete reservation buttons have been replaced with an “Actions” picklist displaying all these options.

Invoicing, emailing and exporting applies to each folio

Each folio can have its own invoice, can be exported, printed or emailed. When selecting any of these, another modal will appear asking which folio(s) to perform this for.


A new section has been added to the “Roles” page.

The following permissions will be configurable for each role

  • View Configure Folios page -- allows to view and make changes on the folio configuration page
  • Create folios -- allows to create additional folios on a reservation / house account
  • Modify folios -- allows to modify a folio on a reservation / house account
  • Remove folios -- allows to remove a folio from a reservation / house account
  • Move transactions between folios (of same reservation)
Activity Log Additions

The following activity logs to be added:

  • Folio created for reservation [ ]
  • Folio modified for reservation [ ]
  • Folio configuration changed from [ ] to [ ]
  • Folio removed from reservation [ ]
  • Folio transaction moved from [ ] to [ ]
  • Folio default configuration modified to use {same configuration across all sources, different configurations across sources}
  • Folio default configuration modified:: configuration [name] added
  • Folio default configuration modified:: configuration [name] removed
  • Folio default configuration modified:: configuration [name] modified. Change made: [ ]
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