PIE 1.1 Release Notes


June, 2018

We are excited to announce an update to our Pricing Intelligence Engine (PIE).  The new update improves navigation, ease of use, loading time, competitive pricing information and adding properties to compset.

Overview page

Today’s activity section

The pending items number is now clickable, it will take you straight to the Accommodation Details popup window with corresponding date/room type for easy price updates.

Top 5 sources (last 30 days) section

Here you may check the list of 5 top sources (booking channels) sorted in descending order by Rooms Booked. We have added Rooms Booked data that allows you to review the production from your best-producing booking channels for the last 30 days.

Upcoming occupancy section

Days with high occupancy (over %) are now clickable and redirect to the Accommodation Details popup window with corresponding date.

Learn more about Overview page in our Knowledge Base: PIE - Overview page

Compsets page

In PIE you may create compsets which can be used to get a visual representation of your property’s rates compared to the competitors, as well as to create various alerts based on this data. 

In this update, we have added more properties in the database and enhanced our search methods so you can quickly add new properties to your compset(s) and instantly obtain rate data for them.

Learn more about compsets in our Knowledge Base: How to create/add compsets?

Rules and Alerts page


You can now create automatic rules (this option now appears at the bottom of the window when creating/modifying a rule). This setting eliminates the manual work of managing your rates! Just set your rules, and our system will do the rest!

Min/Max rate limits

“Floor and ceiling” settings have been added to the Rules and Alerts page. These min/max limits will prevent the system from recommending or applying prices outside of the selected parameters.


You can now automatically round prices when creating or editing a rule. This ensures that the recommended/updated prices match your existing property pricing structure.

For example, entering 9 will result in your recommended/updated rates end with 9 (i.e. $89, $99, $109, etc.), entering 00 will result in the following pricing structure: 1100, 1200, 1300... etc. You will immediately see the example of your prices, once you enter the value in the "Round to nearest" field.

Rate Manager page

You can now change rates from the Rate Manager Calendar View (previously locked), this makes it easier for you to update your rates straight from PIE without having to click around.

Check our Knowledge Base to learn more about PIE Rate Manager: Rate Manager Overview

Rate Shopper page

The prices of the competitors are color-coded for your convenience:

  • green - prices that are above My Property
  • red - prices that are below My Property
  • black - prices that are equal to My Property

This color coding allows you to see at-a-glance where your property is positioned in the market.

We have also added a timestamp of the last compset data refresh so you know when the rate shop was received:

Learn more in our Knowledge Base: Rate Shopper Overview

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