Adding exclusive tax/fee to a reservation


This article describes the process of adding an exclusive tax/fee (on top of the reservation rate) to a reservation manually. Adding an exclusive tax/fee directly in reservation means that you need to calculate the amount of the tax/fee manually.

To learn how to set up the system to add and calculate the taxes/fees automatically for specific sources, please check this article: Applying Taxes and Fees to Specific Sources

1. Go to the reservation and open the Folio tab
2. Click 'Add/Adjust Charge' and select 'Add Exclusive Tax/Fee'

3. Select the exclusive tax/fee type (should be created in advance, click here to learn how to create tax/fee)
4. Select the guest to whom you want to assign the tax/fee
5. Enter the tax/fee amount 


  • When you select a fee to add manually to the folio of a reservation or house account, the system will automatically load the amount you specified when you set up your fees.
  • If you select a tax or fee that is a percentage, you will be able to write in a flat amount.
  • If the fee has an exclusive tax applied, you will see it totaled in another field before clicking the “Add” button. 

6. Select the date and time the tax should be posted (this affects reporting)
7. Click "Add"

8. The tax/fee added will appear in the folio
9. You will see an option to void the manually added tax/fee next to it

If a manually added fee has an applicable tax, this tax will be calculated automatically.

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