Production Reports - Reservations by Country

This report shows a breakdown of the total of reservations created per country. You can check the total reservations created today, this week, this month, all-time or custom reservation dates.


The Property Owner has access to Production Reports by default. The rest of the users can be given permission to access by the Property Owner inside Roles. Learn more: Roles and Permissions

  1. Click Reports
  2. Hover over Production Reports
  3. Select Reservation by Country report


  1. By default, the report shows the top 10 countries for today, but you can filter the reservations by: Today, This Week, This Month, All-Time or Custom (select start and end period) — the period is when the reservation was created (reservation date).
  2. Check the box to show all countries.


Based on the filters selected above:

  1. On the right is the list of countries, the total of reservations in number and percentage (%).
  2. The result is visualized with the map on the left side. Each country is highlighted with a circle in different size and color depending on the volume of reservations, hover over the circle to see the number of reservations.

If you see Unknown in the list of the country, it means that the country was not included in the reservation which was made either in the OTA (Online Travel Agency) or the Booking Engine.

  • Booking Engine: To make sure your guests provide this information when creating a reservation via the Booking Engine, enable the option Ask for Postal Address or Ask for Nationality in the Booking Engine Settings.
  • OTA: Contact the OTA's support team for assistance.
[Demo] Bali Jungle Resort - Reservations By Country
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