Cloudbeds Release Notes - March 2018


Cloudbeds is releasing an update to the myfrontdesk system in March 2018.  This update includes improvements to adding fees with taxes applied, folio, booking engine and reporting.

Applying Tax to Manually Added Fee

In a reservation or a house account, users can manually add fees. In previous versions, Cloudbeds users would need to manually calculate tax into the fee’s total (if a fee has an applicable tax). This release ensures that if a manually added fee has an applicable tax, the total is calculated automatically.

Learn how to add taxes/fees to a reservation in this article: How to add exclusive tax/fee to a reservation?

Journal/Folio Entry Improvements

Cloudbeds continues to push updates that adhere to the generally accepted accounting principles: when a user adds an item to a folio in a reservation or house account with its payment, the debit (item price) will be saved in the journal before a credit (payment for an item).

Improved Booking Experience for Guest When Filling Out Address

In the booking engine, a traveler must choose a country before they get a list of states or counties to choose from. If a traveler does not select a country and they click the State/County drop down, they’ll just see a blank space. This could confuse the guest. Instead, these travelers will now be instructed to choose a country, which they may have neglected to add by accident.

Notes added to Cashier report exported to a file

This release fixes a bug where notes added by a cashier weren’t displayed in exported to pdf/excel cashier report.

Learn more about this report in our Knowledge Base: Cashier Report

'Cancellation date' column added to Cancellations Report

This release fixes a bug where the cancellation date was left out of the report. Now the cancellation date column is included in the report table and report file exported to pdf/excel.

Learn more about this report in our Knowledge Base: Cancellation Report

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