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Lightspeed Restaurant is a сloud-based ePOS system which will help you manage staff, serve customers and monitor performance.

"Our recipe for success? An ePOS that allows you to create a customizable menu, complete with images and modifiers, the ability to update your floor plan in real time, as well as manage your integrations, staff and loyalty programs — all in one place. So you can focus on creating that unique restaurant experience."

Lightspeed POS only works with all of the iOS devices

Getting Started
  1. Create an account with Lightspeed Restaurant and set up your bar/restaurant in the app. Make sure to create your inventory and set up your prices.
  2. Create a Payment Type called "Add to Room" as shown here:

3. When you're ready to use Lightspeed, contact our support team to request the connection between Cloudbeds' myfrontdesk and your Lightspeed account.

  • Please provide the email address you used to create your Lightspeed account.

4. When the connection is activated, we will contact you. This should take 1-2 days.

Test the connection

To make sure your Lightspeed account is connected and working properly, do the following steps on Lightspeed:

  1. Add charges to a table and proceed to Pay
  2. Choose Add to Room as Payment Method
  3. In the search box that will appear, press the space bar
    • This way, it will search for any In-House reservations
  4. A list of reservations should appear
    • If no reservations appear on the list, make sure you have In House reservations on your myfrontdesk calendar.
    • If you still don't see anything, contact our support team

The connection is pretty straight-forward. Use Lightspeed as usual, but now you can choose to charge the bill to a guest's folio on your property. This is how you do it:

  1. Tap on the table you want to close
  2. Tap on View Order
  3. Tap on Add to Room
  4. Search for a guest name or room.
    • For a full list, enter space in the search field.
  5. Select the correct guest and tap on it.

Important: Currently, Lightspeed doesn't allow you to undo this action so the user must be careful when selecting the room.

This is how it will look in the guest's folio.

Current Limitations
  1. If you need to void/remove a charge added by Lightspeed you will need to do it from the Lightspeed App. Alternatively, you can adjust the charge on the folio. Please check further information about this topic on the FAQ How does Lightspeed handle adjustments or voids?
  2. You can't add bills to House accounts, only to In-House Reservations.
  3. Your Lightspeed inventory is not synced with Cloudbeds' Stock Inventory
  4. Currently, you can only send open tabs (unpaid bills) to Cloudbeds' myfrontdesk. If the guest pays for the bill at the restaurant/bar, it cannot be sent to their folio.
  5. If you need to charge different folios, you need to separate the bill in Lightspeed before charging the rooms.
  6. Tipping is not currently supported. See the workaround in FAQ section How does Lightspeed handle tips?
Currencies, countries and languages

For more information about Lightspeed's availability in your country, language and currency, please contact Lightspeed's Sales team.

Frequently Asked Questions
If I have 2 Cloudbeds accounts with 2 different locations, am I able to use 1 Lightspeed account? Or do I need 2 Lightspeed accounts?

As of now, the integration requires one Lightspeed account for every Cloudbeds account/location.

What's the process to void/cancel a charge to room once sent?
  • If the charge is cancelled in Lightspeed then it will automatically be voided in Cloudbeds.
  • If the charge is voided in Cloudbeds, it will not automatically update Lightspeed. Please contact Lightspeed for further info.
Does myfrontdesk support full revenue push? (both transactions that are paid in the POS and "charge to room")

No, this currently isn’t supported. At the moment only "charge to room" transactions are synced. Transactions that are paid "at the bar/restaurant" will not be sent to the myfrontdesk reservation folio.

Does the Cloudbeds/Lightspeed integration support multi-accounts?


One to multiple, or multiple to multiple setups are not supported. A Lightspeed restaurant and myfrontdesk property have to be connected 1 to 1.

How do I set up revenue? (Via floor + category or multi-account)
  • Floor categorization does not exist within myfrontdesk and multi-account isn't supported.
  • Segmentation would be by item category. Here's an example of how transactions are displayed in myfrontdesk reports:

Note: Inventory is not synced between Lightspeed and myfrontdesk.

Does Lightspeed support room charge updates? eg. Add tip, or Void Payment.
  • Lightspeed does not support tipping.
  • Receipts that include payments can’t be sent to myfrontdesk, therefore Void Payment isn’t supported.
How does Lightspeed handle tips?
  • It is not natively supported at the moment but can be handled through several workarounds:
    • Adding standard Service charge item in Lightspeed which will post to folio like other Lightspeed charges; or
    • Create a Tip as an item in myfrontdesk and manually enter on the guest folio.
Does Lightspeed/Cloudbeds integration work with a liteserver?

Yes! Please contact Lightspeed for further information.


The LiteServer is a hardware that allows Lightspeed to work offline. It maintains a local database and continually backs up your data to Lightspeed's servers. For more information, please visit this article.

How does Lightspeed handle adjustments and voids?
  • Adjustments are not possible at the moment. This would be a future improvement on the Lightspeed side.
  • Voids can be done in Lightspeed app and if you void the charge on the Lightspeed, the charge will be also voided on your myfrontdesk account.

Please note:

  • Regular voids on myfrontdesk's folio remove the item from the folio and it's only visible in the Transactions Report
  • Voids from Lightspeed app works different - The void remains on the folio as shown on the screenshot above
  • Items posted by Lightspeed can't be voided on the myfrontdesk folio directly. This is so that records are as consistent as possible between POS and PMS.
How do items from Lightspeed appear inside myfrontdesk folio?

Each item will be listed individually inside the folio

What happens if an item in Ligthspeed is renamed?

Myfrontdesk will keep the original name of the item in order to maintan the historical record of the item.

In such cases, we recommend you to create new items when the item name requires changing

Check out this article for further information how to create a new item: Items & Categories Overview

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