How to Connect Pool Paradise with myfrontdesk

Myfrontdesk-Pool Paradise Connection Guide
  1. If you do not have an account yet with PoolParadise, please send an email stating that you want to start the account creation process to
  2. Once your account has been created, you will want to log into your extranet and obtain your token to connect to Myallocator
    2.1. Login to your Extranet

2.2. Click the Menu button to locate both your Token & Hotel ID for Myallocator connection

3. Connect the channel and map your rooms in myfrontdesk

3.1. Log into myfrontdesk
3.2. Click on Manage, Channel Distribution, and select Channels

3.3 Scroll down to Pool Paradise. Click 'Not Setup'

3.4. Enter your Pool Paradise property/hotel ID and Password (token) (from step 2.2) and click next:

4. Map your rooms together and click Next

5. Enter a Base Rate Adjustment (if needed) and click Next:

6. Channel Setup is Complete

Features Supported

Sync between myfrontdesk and Pool Paradise includes the following features:

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