Hostkit (former SIGA) - Everything You Need to Know

Hostkit (former SIGA) is a platform where property managers can consolidate reservation data from multiple sources, automate invoicing, modelo 30, INE and send required guest details to the Portuguese immigration authorities.

It connects to different sources to obtain reservation data and allows guests to fill in their own details.

See how to Connect your Cloudbeds PMS account with Hostkit (former SIGA).

  • The only region currently compatible with Hostkit (former SIGA) is Portugal. If your property is not located in Portugal, then integration is not available for you at the moment.
  • Contact the Hostkit (former SIGA) Support Team for Hostkit (former SIGA) related questions.

Integration Summary and Features

  • App Type: Website
  • Compatible Cloudbeds Account Types: Cloudbeds PMS
  • Website:
  • App Permissions: Reads reservation, guest and property information
  • Features:
  1. Property owners can configure Hostkit (former SIGA) automatically by retrieving their property info and then import all reservations.
  2. With regular usage, a one-time authentication is needed to link between Hostkit (former SIGA) and Cloudbeds
  3. Hostkit (former SIGA) will process the guest details and send the data to the immigration services (SEF in Portugal). This can be done manually with a quick click of a button, or even configured for automatic submission
  4. Hostkit (former SIGA) can also be used so that you grant access to service users for specific tasks such as sending the immigration data, accounting or performing checkins/out, cleaning and transfers.
  5. Hostkit (former SIGA) also offers a connection with door lock systems HomeIT and TTLocks. Upon initial connection, custom fields for the door lock key code and key token are automatically created in Cloudbeds. Once the key code is generated, the custom fields in Cloudbeds will be populated and the code can also be sent to the guest by email or SMS according to the settings in Hostkit (former SIGA).
  6. Hotel guests can update their details or create new guests in the reservation before their arrival via a pre-check-in link generated by Hostkit.

How Does It Look

Google Keep - Google Chrome
  • After sending, an error may show up in case something went wrong or there are missing or incorrect fields filled in.
  • Sending to SEF can also be configured to be automatic. In this case, Hostkit (former SIGA) will send the immigration details on the day after the guests arrival, at the time you indicate. This is to make sure that you have enough time to confirm that the guests have in fact been checked in and that the data can be sent, safely.
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