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Do transactions in canceled/no show reservations affect revenue?


All posted transactions within "Canceled" or "No show" bookings will be the part of the Transactions report, Payment ledger, and Daily Revenue report.  However "canceled' and "no show" bookings are not calculated in ADR, RevPar and Occupancy reports even if room rate transactions were posted. 

Only manually added room revenue (No show room revenue, cancellation room revenue, etc) and rate adjustments in canceled/no show bookings will be calculated for ADR, RevPar and Occupancy Report.

Manually added room revenue is the action, when you go to Folio and click on Add/Adjust charge->Add room revenue. There you can select the Revenue Type: Cancellation, No-Show or Manual. Only in the event, you add revenue like this, the adjustment will be calculated in ADR, RevPar and Occupancy Report. Click here to learn in details how to manually add room revenue.

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