Cloudbeds Release Notes - February 2018


Cloudbeds is releasing an update to the myfrontdesk system in February 2018.  This update includes improvements to activity logs, new field for Mybookings, updates to third-party sources, better organization of roles, email scheduling new functionality and other great features.

Gender Field for mybookings

Users can now ask for a guest’s gender in their mybookings checkout process. Users will be able to choose whether or not they wish to request this information by going to mybookings settings in their myfrontdesk account. If selected, the field will be required for the primary guest. Any subsequent guest added would also need to provide a gender. At this time, guests can select male and female. In future releases, more gender options will be available.
Check this article to learn more about mybookings settings.

Users in Spanish countries are encouraged to enable this feature for their Police Report required by government.

Additional Measures to Prevent Overbooking in Shared Inventory

Shared Inventory is a hospitality term that refers to a physical space being used as more than one accommodation type. For example, a room could be sold as a private room or as four beds in a dorm. It’s a powerful tool to maximize occupancy and increase revenue.
Cloudbeds has made small improvements to dynamically calculate availability and ensure our customers can book guests in shared inventory spaces with confidence, especially when groups are booking multiple units.

Payment Collect Updates: Agoda Hotel Collect and Channel Collect

OTAs will sometimes have two options for Payment Collections: one where the hotel collects a payment, and one where the channel collects. Agoda and have new collection options available which we will be integrating into system as (1) new sources and (2) new payment types

  • Agoda will now have option for: Agoda (Hotel Collect)
  • will now have option for: (Channel Collect)
Reservation Notes on Dashboard

Short on time? Be up to speed on all of today’s arrivals in just seconds! From myfrontdesk dashboard, users can click the Note icon beside a guest’s name to read any notes left about the guest or their reservation. Clicking the note icon will open a convenient window on the side of their web browser where they can read and jot down notes directly from the dashboard.

More Detail on Changes to Applicable Fees and Taxes Updates for Source

When a user creates a fee or tax and attaches it to a specific source, such as via phone or an OTA, the user is given a choice: user can choose whether the application of this fee should recalculate existing reservations that have an upcoming check-in date with that source; alternatively, the user can choose for fees to only apply to reservations created afterwards. The same choice is given to a user when they remove a fee. It’s a way to retroactively apply or un-apply fees.

While the Activity Log tracks which fee is added/removed to which source, the activity log did not previously note whether or not the user applied changes to upcoming reservations. Because this can affect a great deal of reservations it’s important to report a user’s activity here. With this release, users can now see whether they chose “yes” or “no” to apply changes to reservations.

Active and Inactive Roles Organized by Default

When a user creates a new role in their myfrontdesk admin panel, they create a special login for their subusers. These subusers are able to access a limited version of myfrontdesk. An admin user can also deactivate sub-users, which prevents that person from accessing myfrontdesk.

Cloudbeds is implementing a change so the 'Users' page is a little more inviting and feels more organized. Now, Active users appear at the top of the list, and Deactivated users will be moved to the bottom.

Additionally, we will make it easier to tell the difference between an active user and a deactivated user through the platform, such as in filters, on logs, and in reports.

New myfrontdesk Languages and Improvements

We have made several improvements to better support Portuguese and Spanish languages throughout the platform.

Supporting New Invoicing Languages

Cloudbeds will begin supporting the following languages in its invoicing program:

  • German
  • Italian
  • Romanian
Status changes to myallocator reservations will trigger scheduled emails templates

There was an issue preventing messages from getting sent when a reservation status changed if the reservation was originally booked through myallocator (Cloudbeds channel manager). Reservation statuses include a cancellation, a confirmation, or a pending confirmation. They also include when a guest checks in, checks out, or is a no-show.

With this update, all email schedules that do not specify sources will be triggered regardless of where the booking came from. We recommend all our customers take a few minutes to confirm their scheduled email templates and, if needed, adjust their confirmed sources.  Check out this knowledge base article to learn how.


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