How to create a reservation for past dates


Myfrontdesk allows you to create and edit reservation data for past dates. This feature offers you more flexibility while managing your property.

This changes will also affect your production and revenue reports for those dates.

Creating reservation in past from Calendar

1. Go to Calendar
2. Select the check-in and check-out dates in past

There should be availability for the dates selected in order to create reservation

3. Click 'Create New Reservation'

4. Complete creating reservation by following the usual process. The reservation will appear on calendar on past dates with status 'Confirmed'/'Confirmation Pending'.

The reservation created in past won't be created with 'Checked out' status automatically. You need to manually check the guest in and out if needed.

Creating reservation in past by clicking 'New Reservation'

1. On calendar, dashboard, or 'Reservations' page click 'New Reservation'

2. Select the Source
3. Select check-in date in past and select check out date in past in date picker
4. Click 'Search'

There should be availability for the dates selected in order to create reservation

5. Complete creating the reservation by following usual process

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I can't create/edit reservation in past?

If you click on past dates but the system doesn't display the option to create a booking in past that means either:

  1. You have no availability or rates for this date , or,
  2. The user under which you're logged into the system does not have permission 'Create And Modify Reservations And Blocks For Past Dates' enabled.

In order to check it, login as Property Owner, go to 'Roles' page and check the permissions of role assigned to specific user. Search for permission called 'Create And Modify Reservations And Blocks For Past Dates' and enable it for the user if needed.

The system won't allow me to check-in/check-out reservation created in past

Issue: During attempt to check-in the reservation created in past the system responds with the notification "You cannot check in this reservation until the reservation currently assigned to this room is checked out"

Solution: Make sure all the previous reservations in the past are checked out, and all the reservations which are located after the newly created booking in past are in status 'Confirmed' (not In-House)

Why I can't move reservation in past on calendar

You can't move past reservation on calendar by dragging and dropping them. If you want to change the room or dates of the stay, you can change the reservation status to 'Confirmed' or 'In House' and edit the reservation.

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